AR390SS vs AR383SS: Which one is the best Pressure washer?

best comparison of AR390ss vs AR383SS

Annovi Reverberi is the leading pressure washer brand that manufactures one of the best pressure washers for household cleaning jobs. 

There is a big battle between AR390SS vs AR383SS pressure washer and here in this post, I will give the best solution that will help you to choose which one is the best pressure washer from these two.

The Annovi Reverberi pressure washer is known for delivering outstanding performance. Choosing the pressure washer from this brand would always be a great decision.

In this post, I am going to compare AR3900SS and AR383SS on the following terms

  • Feature and specifications
  • User feedback
  • Pricing and value
  • And lots more

Let’s get started

AR390SS Vs AR383SS: which tool is worth your money?

The Annovi Reverberi is the most trustable brand of pressure washer worldwide, millions of people are satisfied with Annovi Reverberi pressure washers throughout the world. 

You can get the Annovi Reverberi pressure washer at a very decent price, the best thing about this brand pressure washer is that it delivers outstanding performance till last. 

The AR390SS or AR383SS both are worth the only difference is in the specifications. The AR390SS inbuilt parts specification is a little bit bigger than AR383SS. 

Both are medium-duty electric pressure washers and worth buying. Let us see the comparison between these two and choose the best one for you.

Overview of AR390SS

AR390SS battle with AR383SS

AR390SS is probably the best electric pressure washer of Annovi Reverberi, this pressure washer is compatible with a 14 AMP universal type motor with a tri-axial pump that forces the water out with a pressure of 2000 PSI at 1.4 GPM.

AR390SS is the upgraded version of bestselling model AR390. 

This is the medium-high duty pressure washer which is mainly designed for household cleaning jobs and all types of home cleaning jobs like cars, bikes, garage, driveways, vinyl siding, windows, patio furniture, oil, and grease stains, and any other stubborn stains.

It comes with a  30 ft long high-pressure flexible hose and 35 ft power cord with GFCI plug. The hose reel is compatible for easy wind up the coil after use. The TSS feature is included, it stops the pump when the gun trigger is not engaged.

The Nozzle accessories included with this pressure washer for the variety of cleaning jobs are 25°, 40°, soap, and turbo nozzle.

Overall, this pressure washer is the complete solution for home cleaning jobs and it would be a great deal if you choose this pressure washer for cleaning your home and spreading hygiene around you for the better health of your family.

Overview of AR383SS

AR383SS and AR390SS comparison

The AR383SS is another S line power washer of Annovi Reverberi, the popularity of this pressure washer is more compared to any other pressure washer of AR Blue Clean. It is designed to be powerful, Reliable that gives value for money.

The AR383SS is compatible with a powerful 13 AMP universal type motor that delivers 1900 PSI pressure at 1.3 GPM. you can perform all types of medium-duty home cleaning jobs with 1900 PSI pressure.

The 30 ft high-pressure flexible hose is integrated and 35 ft long power cord with a GFCI plug. this length is enough to move all-around your car. For the kind of knowledge, I want to share with you is that no other pressure washer company provides a 30 ft flexible hose.

The TSS feature includes to save water and increase the pump life. A hose reel is attached for an easy wrap-up of the coil after use and the nozzle accessories include 0°, 25°, soap, and turbo nozzle.

Well, this pressure washer is designed considering home cleaning jobs. It is worth buying the AR383SS. The user’s review of this pressure washer is very fine. You can choose this pressure washer without any doubt.

Quick Comparison between AR383SS Vs AR390SS

Motor Type universaluniversal
Motor AMP1314
Pump TypeTri-axialTri-axial
MAX PSI19002000
Max GPM1.31.4
Hose length30 ft30 ft
Hose ReelYesYes
Power cord35 ft35 ft
Detergent tank28 oz48 oz
Nozzle0°, 25°,  soap and turbo25°, 40° soap and turbo 
TSS featureincludedincluded
Warranty1 Year1 Year

Between AR390SS Vs AR383SS: which is better for cleaning cars? 

The output pressure and spray nozzle matters in the cleaning cars. The best PSI for cleaning cars is 1400 PSI to 1800 PSI, more than that pressure can decrease the shine of car paint. 

The best spray nozzle for cleaning cars is 25°, both the pressure washer AR390SS and  AR383SS have the 25° nozzle and deliver pressure that is best for car wash. 

AS per me both the pressure washers are best for cleaning cars. But do one thing in mind before buying. Buy pressure washer that completes the all home cleaning requirement, so high PSI pressure is always worth buying.

AR390SS or AR383SS: Who is the winner?

Both the pressure washers are from the same brand and have some related features and specifications. The difference is in between the motor and 100 PSI, overall weight, detergent tank, GPM, etc. 

Both are the best electric pressure washer and worth buying but according to specification and consumer feedback, the AR390SS is the winner of this battle of AR390SS vs AR380SS pressure washer.

Without any doubt Choose AR390SS for your home cleaning jobs. I have seen the performance of this pressure washer and it is outstanding. You can select this pressure without any concern.

Frequently asked question around AR383SS and AR390SS

Q.1) Can I clean my vinyl siding with AR390SS?

Yes, AR390SS deliver 2000 PSI output and you can clean vinyl siding upto single story house. For the second you need a ladder to clean.

Q.2) Is Annovi Reverberi pressure washer authentic?

yes, this italian company is authentic and their pressure washer delivers excellent performance. The best thing is that the pressure washer runs long lasting.

Q.3) is the AR383SS certified pressure washer from CSA safety standard?

Yes, The AR383SS is the CSA international certified as safety purpose.

Final thoughts 

When you are looking for the best pressure washer for your home, make sure that the pressure washer completes all the cleaning requirements because you purchase one time and pressure washer run for a long time, it’s better to select the best pressure washer.

This AR390SS vs AR383SS review article is mainly written for one reason to introduce the best pressure washer for you.

The AR390SS is the winner pressure washer of this comparison, it is the updated and upgraded model of the whole S series of Annovi Reverberi.

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