7 Best Electric Pressure Washer for Cars: 2023 (Cleaning & detailing)

Before Jumping to any other tool this Article will properly guide you in selecting the best electric pressure washer for cars cleaning & Detailing. The automobile washing comes under the medium-duty cleaning Job. Therefore electric pressure washer is best suited for washing cars, trucks, bikes, and other household cleaning jobs.

It takes 30 minutes to wash a car from a garden hose or brush and bucket. On the other hand, it takes 10 minutes to Systematically wash a car through a pressure washer. All the gathering dust, dirt, tree leaves, and other droppings are removed effectively from the car by washing through a pressure washer without any hassle. 

It is worth buying a pressure washer because it is a tool that saves your time as well as money. This tool has become the basic need of a home because cleaning is most important for better health and wellness.

Generally, for a car wash, A 1500 to 1800 PSI is considered safe, and for this pressure, An electric pressure washer is best suited for it. Why electric pressure washer is best because it has low maintenance and user friendly with outstanding performance. You don’t need to fill gasoline for every wash and most importantly it starts hassle-free in a single click of a switch. 

Top 7 Best Electric pressure washer for cars in 2020

I drive my car 300 kilometers in a week and  Personally wash my car through an electric pressure washer. I love my car and don’t trust any others to wash it. It’s not expensive but it’s my Baby. It takes 10 minutes to wash and I wash mainly on weekends. On the basis of my experience, I am recommending the seven best Pressure washer

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric pressure Washer (Best car washer)

one of the best electric pressure washer for cars in the world

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is one of the best pressure washer for household cleaning jobs. It is compatible with the 14.5 AMP Universal type motor. This durable motor forces the water out at 2030 PSI at 1.76 GPM.(Gallon Per Minute). This pressure is enough for washing cars and bikes. No doubt Sun Joe + Snow joe is the best pressure washer company and known for their quality and durable pressure washers.

The Sun Joe SPX3000  electric pressure washer delivers outstanding performance and it is the bestseller from the last two to three years. This model comes with a 20 ft long High-pressure flexible Hose and 35 ft Power cord, this length of hose & cord is enough to easily move around all sides of your car.

The Brands added TSS (Total stop system) feature to save the power, this feature automatically Shut-off the power when the Gun trigger is not engaged during washing. The 5 quick connect spray nozzles are included to perform different Jobs.

It is budget-friendly and made for long-lasting use. SPX3000 is mainly known to deliver a power-packed performance. It is compatible with 0.9 liters removable Detergent tank. With the combination of Detergent and soap spray nozzle, it can clean any type of grime, Stains, Stubborn oil & grease spots, concrete, driveways, etc.

Key features and specification

  • Powerful 14.5 Durable universal type Motor
  • 2030 PSI maximum Pressure at 1.76 GPM
  • 3572 Cleaning Power
  • 20 Ft Long Hose & 35 ft Power cord with GFCI Plug
  • Removable detergent tank
  • 5 quick connect Spray Nozzle
  • Total Stop system
  • Sturdy Design for long-lasting Use
  • Compatible with 34 Inches extension wand

The sun joe SPX3000 is the best electric pressure washer for washing cars and performing other home cleaning Jobs. The best part of this tool is that it is available at an affordable price and delivers outstanding performance in every condition. Its compact design is far better than its rivals. Investing your valuable money on this machine is totally worth it.

2. AR Blue Clean AR383SS Electric 

best electric pressure washer for cars reddit

The Brand Annovi Reverberi is known for manufacturing quality, durable & reliable products. The latest AR383SS is the upgrade model of AR383S. This model comes with a 13 AMP powerful motor that delivers 1900 PSI Maximum Pressure at 1.3 GPM.

The Cleaning Power of this pressure washer is 2470 which is quite good this washer is capable to do all types of Medium-duty cleaning jobs. The AR383SS is best suited for foam cannon and car detailing jobs. It can wash any type of stubborn stains easily with 1900 PSI pressure.

The hose length of AR383SS is 30 ft long which is quite impressive no other pressure washer provides 30 Ft long high-pressure hose. It allows a 35 Ft power cord with GFCI plug.

The AR383SS is one of the Authoritative Pressure washer and gives very tough competition to rivals. It is the auto detailing pressure washer with a built-in hose reel. The hose reel is quite a beneficial part. which most of the other brands don’t allow, the hose reel Provides systematic wind up to the flexible hose.

This authentic model of Annovi Reverberi is Budget-friendly and best rated electric pressure washer that makes the cleaning Job Fun and saves your time and money. The 28 oz detergent tank is integrated to clean the tough oil & grease stains in the garage and other old tough stains. It also allows the steel extension wand and 5 series quick connect spray nozzle.

Key features and specification

  • 13 AMP powerful Motor
  • 1900 PSI maximum pressure at 1.3 GPM
  • 2470 cleaning Power units
  • 30 ft Long high-pressure flexible hose
  • Stunning Designed washer gun
  • 35 Ft long power cord with GFCI plug to avoid shock
  • Compatible with TSS (Total Stop system) for the long life of the pump
  • Compatible with hose reel
  • 0°, 25°, Soap Spray, and Rotary Turbo Nozzles
  • One year warranty with quick customer support through phone call or email
  • Certified by CSA international Safety
  • Sturdy long lasting design

Reviewing all the features & specifications of  Annovi Reverberi AR383SS, I concluded that having all these features loaded inside and these features make it the best tool for cars and other cleaning jobs. It is the preferable option & under the budget. Due to its output pressure & long flexible hose, it is the must choose to buy and far better option of their rivals. You will get a fantastic Pressure washer and definitely this washer will fulfill all your washing requirements.

3. Ryobi RY142300 : Best electric power washer for car detailing

Ryobi RY142300 outstanding and best electric pressure washer for cars

The Brushless electric pressure washer means RY142300 is compatible with an induction motor. Most of the entry-level models were designed with universal type motors. Generally, induction motors are more durable than universal motors. The induction motor makes RY142300 the most powerful electric pressure washer.

The Ryobi brand is known for making outstanding Products and that gives power-packed performance for a long time and has very low maintenance at all. Ryobi RY14300 has 13 AMP induction motor that forces the water out with 2300 PSI maximum pressure at the flow rate of 1.2 GPM. This self-service best car washer equipment is the most recommended & most preferred tool to buy.

The Ry142300 Is the people’s choice best electric pressure washer for cars that is worth buying it would be the great deal if you choose this pressure washer.

This auto detailing tool comes with a 25 ft long high-pressure flexible hose and 35 ft cord length with GFCI plug. This total length is enough to move all around your car. The design of RY142300 looks like a gas pressure washer but it is one of the versatile electric power washers of the trusted Ryobi brand.

It is easy to carry because it has a 12 inches large size wheel and you don’t need to bend while transferring it from one place to another because the handle is at a good height. It has a metallic spray wand and 15°, Soap nozzle, and Turbo nozzle for faster cleaning.

Key features and specification

  • 2300 PSI maximum pressure at 1.2 GPM makes it most powerful electric pressure washer
  • 13 AMP Powerful brushless induction motor
  • 2760 CU: cleaning Power
  • It comes with 3-year Warranty
  • 25 ft long Flexible hose & 35 ft long power cord with GFCI plug
  • Versatile Portable design
  • External detergent tank
  • Metallic spray wand
  • Turbo Nozzle for faster cleaning

With the above details, it is sure that this machine makes a difference from others. Despite an electric pressure washer, it delivers high pressure at lower GPM it looks like completely a Gas power washer. The turbo Nozzle with 2300 PSI provides effective cleaning against muddy bikes and cars and others. I definitely can say that this washer is an Electric power washer if you are looking for high pressure in the Electric design then buy Ryobi Ry142300. 

4. Karcher K5 Premium Electric Pressure washer

karcher k5 premium is one of the best car washer o

If listing about electric pressure washers and Karcher is not included in it then it is not possible. Karcher is one of the popular brand of pressure washers and K5 is the premium product of it. 

The K5 premium has the capacity to deliver 2000 PSI maximum pressure at 1.4 GPM flow rate. It is compatible with a water-cooled induction motor. The K5 Premium has the ability to fulfill all your requirements of car washer with 2000 PSI output Pressure. Both internal & External car detailing is Possible at a faster rate only need scrubber and K5 premium.

It comes with a 13 AMP powerful induction motor and 25 ft long High-pressure hose and 35 ft power cord with GFCI plug. The Hose Reel is integrated with this model that provides systematic wind up after use. The N-core pump swash plate transfer system pump is integrated, the N-core polymer holds out against Corrosion and gives the pump a longer life.

The k5 premium has a 2 years warranty. It creates very low noise and has all the right features that Provide Effective car detailing. It has a very attractive design and the yellow & Black color looks stunning.

Key features and specification

  • K5 has 13 AMP induction motor
  • It delivers 2000 PSI pressure at 1.4 GPM (Gallon per minute)
  • 2800 CU: Cleaning Power
  • 25 Ft long hose and 35 ft Power cord with GFCI
  • Integrated with hose reel
  • 7.7 inches Wheels integrated for easy portability
  • It has 2 years warranty
  • Accessories include Vario Power dirt blaster spray wand

Thus, we came to conclude the fact that k5 premium has a water-cooled induction motor, which is quieter and makes the cleaning more efficient. it forces the water out with high-pressure output at low GPM. High pressure & low GPM means you are washing your car with high pressure and saving the water with it. I mark it as a preferable choice for washing cars, bikes, and other household cleaning jobs.

5. Stanley SHP 2150 Pressure washer

stanley SHP 2150 best electric pressure washer

Stanley SHP 2150 comes under the most powerful electric pressure washer category. Stanley manufactures all types of automobile tools that provide hassle-free life and SHP 2150 is one of them. 

The SHP 2150 comes up with a 2 years warranty. It is lightweight & simple looking and delivers Excellent performance. It is very well suited for cleaning muddy cars, bikes, decks, siding, patios, driveways, and other outdoor surface medium-duty cleaning jobs.

The SHP  2150 is compatible with a tri-axial pump that forces the water out with the pressure of 2150 PSI at 1.4 GPM flow rate. It comes with a 25 ft flexible hose & 35 ft long power cord this length is enough to move all-around your motor vehicle.

No other model offers Foam cannon, this equipment provides it free which costs around $25. It also allows  0° 15°, 25° and 40°  quick connect spray nozzles accessories to perform different jobs for the different nozzles.

Additionally, the brand Stanley provides a telescopic handle to easy move around without bending the back. The spray gun holder and the power cord is integrated with the model for easy windup.

Key features and specification

  • It delivers 2150 PSI output pressure at 1.4 GPM flow rate
  • Cleaning power: 3010 CU
  • 25 ft long flexible hose & 35 ft long power cord with GFCI Plug
  • 4 different quick-connect spray nozzle
  • Telescopic handle for easy mobility
  • Lifetime customer support with 2-year product warranty
  • Free foam cannon which costs $25
  • User friendly design

SHP 2150 has the best features that are perfect for washing cars, trucks and bikes, and other cleaning jobs. It includes foam cannon for an effective car wash that brighten up the car after washing. It also includes a telescopic handle, gun, and power cord holder, onboard nozzle storage. All these features make it preferable & the best electric pressure washer for cars in 2020. 

6. Briggs & Stratton S1800

best car washer

Briggs & Stratton are known for manufacturing Power Engine & lawn Equipment. The S1800 is one of their economic pressure washer that is known for their gratifying performance. Briggs & Stratton comes under the category of best car washer. This model is mounted on a heavy steel frame and it has two large-sized wheels that help you to easy move around at your home.

This model is compatible with the universal type motor that forces the water out with the pressure of 1800 PSI at 1.2 GPM (Gallon Per Minute). This pressure is enough for performing light-medium duty home clean Jobs.

It comes with only a 20 ft long flexible hose and 35 ft power cord. It takes 5 minutes to assemble S1800. This pressure washer is tested under the PWMA (pressure washer Manufacturing Association). This versatile power washer has been designed impressive and highly Portable that provides easy transfer from one place to another for cleaning.

The Briggs & Stratton allows a 1-year warranty. This S1800 will let you enjoy the cleaning with Turbo nozzle, 15° & soap nozzle. A half-gallon external detergent is compatible with effective cleaning of car, truck & bike.

Key features and Specification

  • It delivers 1800 PSI output pressure at 1.2 GPM
  • Durable Universal Motor
  • Mounted on Heavy Steel frame
  • Portable design for easy carrying
  • 20 ft flexible hose & 35 Ft long power cord
  • Brand provide Turbo Nozzle for the faster cleaning
  • ½ liter Detergent tank
  • Tested under PWMA
  • One year warranty

Reviewing, above all the features of Briggs & Stratton S1800. I concluded that S1800 Loaded with all the features inside. It has the potential to become a great tool for household cleaning jobs. The trusted Brand support, user-friendly design, a good output pressure make this pressure washer preferable option for cars, trucks & other home cleaning jobs. The user experience is most encouraging &  the positive feedback about this Equipment makes it far better than their rivals.

7. AR Blue Clean AR2N1: Portable Pressure washer for cars

best 2 in 1 car washer

The AR2N1 is the second pressure washer of Annovi Reverberi on this list. This model is mounted on a Mobile cart with two large wheels to easily move around wherever you want to clean. i can surely say that the AR2N1 is the best portable car pressure washer and best to use for car washing Jobs.

According to its model name, it is a 2 in 1 model you can simply remove the unit from the cart. This convertible feature makes it portable, user friendly, and different from others.

This versatile pressure washer has a 13 AMP Universal type motor that forces the water out with the pressure of 2050 PSI. It is compatible with the TSS feature (Total stop system) that actually saves the power; this feature automatically shuts off the motor & cuts the power when the gun trigger is not engaged.

AR2N1 is compatible with 25 ft high-pressure soft PVC hose and 35 ft power cord with auto-reset of GFCI plug. This length is enough to Easy move all-around your car. It also has a 25 oz removal detergent tank for effective cleaning against dirt, dust, and stains. 

It allows 5 different quick spray Nozzles in which 0°, 15°, 25°, soap, and Rotary turbo nozzle are included. The rotary turbo nozzle provides 40% faster clean than other nozzles. Use Proper nozzle for a proper job for effective cleaning which saves your time & water.

Key features and Specification

  • 13 AMP universal type motor
  • 2 in 1 portable design
  • It delivers 2050 PSI Maximum pressure
  • Compatible with TSS feature
  • 25 ft long PVC hose
  • Steel lance with QC coupler
  • 5 different quick connect nozzle
  • Turbo Rotary nozzle
  • Onboard removable detergent tank
  • CSA certified pressure washer

Annovi Reverberi is the trusted brand of the Pressure washer, some consumers Blindly trust this Brand that is worth it. Usually, AR2N1 is the best and upgraded model. You can buy this model without any hesitation. This model is known to deliver outstanding performance. Overall, the 2 in 1 portable design, Total stop system & extremely High pressure make it the best electric pressure washer. I mark it as a preferable choice for cars, bikes and other medium-duty household cleaning works.

What I choose Gas or Electric pressure washer for car detailing?

A big debate can be done on Electric vs gas pressure washers both have their own Pros & cons but here we are discussing for car detailing. So electric pressure washer is best suited for car detailing job and other medium-duty home cleaning jobs. 

An electric pressure washer is hassle-free and best for the home because it has very low maintenance and you don’t need to fill gasoline to start, just plug it in and on the switch and perform your Job. The electricity is cheaper than gasoline & Electric is quieter than a gas power washer. You also don’t need to deal with harmful environmental gases.

On the other hand, a Gas pressure washer is more powerful and more portable than electric. you don’t need to deal with the power cord and the best part is that you can take it anywhere. Generally, a gas power washer is used for heavy-duty cleaning jobs it can deliver up to 5000 PSI with the flow rate 4 GPM. It requires more water to clean through the gas power washer.

Best PSI electric pressure washer for cars

Generally, the main purpose of electric pressure washers is washing a car faster than a manual. It removes the Dust, Dirt, stains, chewing gum, and Mud from tyres quickly with the high-pressure wash. Normally, the 1500 to 1800 PSI is considered safe PSI for a car wash. This pressure will not damage the color of your car. But do one thing in mind don’t take the spray wand too close to the car body. Firstly wash from the distance and if you see any stubborn spots and stains then wash it with closeness.

Which Nozzle should I use for car washing?

Generally, there are a number of nozzles available but washing cars with low pressure and wider spray is considered best because it covers a large area and provides faster cleaning with less time in case of a car.

The 25° (Green) spray tip nozzle is one of the common nozzle for household medium-duty cleaning and it is also considered an ideal nozzle to wash a car. It covers a wider area and provides gentle cleaning.

The 40° (White) Spray tip nozzle mainly used for cleaning painted areas. It covers a large area and the 40° nozzle used after foam cannon or detergent cleaning to remove foam detergent from the car.

Step By Step Guide of How To wash a car with pressure washer

Washing cars is extremely important because no one likes a dirty car. A dirty car looks too bad & it can decline your impression.

  • First of all, Make the connection from the garden hose and load your gun with 25° spray tip nozzle
  • After that wash your car with tap water through Pressure washer between 1500 to 1800 PSI pressure to remove the dust and dirt and other muds from tyres and other places. Don’t take your spray wand too close to the car body.
  • After removing all the dirt, apply detergent to the car by soap nozzle or 40° nozzle because too much pressure is not needed when applying detergent. Give Extra time & focus on the stubborn stains, you can also use ‘‘soft scrubber’’ to remove stains.
  • Rest 5 minutes after applying detergent on the whole car
  • Finally, wash with the 40° Nozzle tip and clean all the detergent from all sides of the car.
  • Now your car will look glossy.

Best Electric pressure washer for foam cannon 

People Joy to wash their vehicles with Foam cannon. The foam cannon job comes under the professional cleaning of vehicles. This job gives a bright look to your car. You require foam cannon lance and attach it with a spray wand.

Above we mentioned the seven best electric pressure washers all are best suited for foam cannon job, Generally, foam cannon job requires low pressure, and all these pressure washers are best suited for that but I would recommend Ryobi142300 for the foam cannon job.

Frequently asked questionsAbout washing Car

Q.1) Can I wash my car with a 3000 PSI pressure washer?

Of Course you can wash your car with 3000 PSI pressure washer but you have to wash from a far distance. Washing car with too close distance with these pressures can damage the car color.

Q.2) Can I use Regular car soap in a pressure washer?

 No you should not use regular car soap in a pressure washer because soap mixes with water and passes from the Pump it may harm your whole machine so always use a special pressure washer detergent. 

Q.3) Can I pressure wash under my car?

Yes you can wash but it is difficult to wash under the car. The extension wand will be quite helpful to wash under the car.

Final Words

Well, we selected the Seven best electric pressure washer for cars 2020 and gave the burden on you to choose one from them. So choose according to your budget & need, All are genuine and known for their gratifying performance. All the Seven deliver efficient pressure up to 2000. The Price mainly depends upon Brand to brand in which economical and expensive both are available. We hope you get all the information that you want about pressure washers. Buy the Best Pressure washer & Enjoy your cleaning. 

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