11 Best Electric pressure washer in 2023 You can Trust

if you’re looking for Best Electric Pressure Washer for medium-high duty home cleaning jobs then this post is going to quite helpful for you. Here I have reviewed eleven best electric operated pressure washer that delivers superior performance.

All these pressure washers are excellent and built heavy, which will provide you Effective cleaning at your home. All these pressure washers are best rated electric pressure washer and capable of cleaning cars, bikes,  tough grime, driveway, patios, pool, outdoor concrete driveway, vinyl siding, fencing, oil & grease stains etc.

This review article on the best electric pressure washer is based on the following terms:

  • Feature & specification of pressure washer
  • Output pressure & flow rate
  • Trusted Brand of Pressure washer
  • User Feedback & Rating
  • Budget of pressure washer
  • Available accessories

In short, there are so many pressure washers available in the market but I have chosen the best brands that manufacture quality equipment that is worth buying.

The Big brand’s Sun Joe, Karcher, AR blue clean, Homdox, GreenWorks, manufactures the good electric pressure washer. These brands are popular and focus mainly on performance and durability. 

Are Electric Pressure washers any good?

Yes, of course, an electric pressure washer is Good for home cleaning jobs. All Cleaning jobs like cleaning cars, bikes, concrete driveways, decks, patios, Pool vinyl siding, fencing, oil and grease stains, etc can be performed by an electric pressure washer. an electric pressure washer is worth for home cleaning.

I am using an electric pressure washer at my home for the last 3.5 years and I can say that it was my best investment, I hardly use my electric pressure washer twice a week.

A 2000 PSI PSI electric Pressure washer is best for medium-light-duty home cleaning tasks.

11 Best Electric Pressure washer: Which is Worth to Buy?

No worries here I am sharing jaw-dropping pressure washer models of trusted Brands that designed user-friendly and for long-lasting use. The output pressure and Flow rate differ brand to brand.

Generally, under 2000 PSI pressure and 1.8 GPM considered the best for home cleaning jobs. The output pressure depends upon the motor & pump.  Higher the AMPs of the motor then More Powerful the pressure washer is 

1. SunJoe SPX3000 Pressure Washer (Best rated Electric Pressure Washer)

sun joe spx3000 alltime best pressure washer

No Doubt, the SPX3000 is the Best 2000 PSI electric pressure washer on this list. It is compatible with a powerful 14.5 AMP durable motor, that forces out the water from 2030 PSI pressure at 1.76 GPM. this pressure is good for cleaning tough grime, cars, muddy bikes, patios, Barbeque, and other outdoor surfaces like concrete driveways.

The price of this Pressure washer is quite affordable compared to their rivals that deliver the same specification, that’s why the Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer is the bestseller pressure washer at Amazon from the last 3 to 4 years.

This model is best suited for lawn & garden. SPX3000 gives tough competition to all the pressure washers. It is loaded with promising features and worth buying.

Key Features & Specifications of SunJoe SPX3000 Pressure Washer

The design of this pressure washer is sturdy, it is compatible with a universal type 14.5 AMP powerful motor. the Higher AMP shows the maximum power of the motor.

The model SPX3000 is a powerful and durable power washer the maximum flow rate is 1.76 GPM (Gallons per Minute) and the maximum output pressure is 2030 PSI. This pressure is capable of cleaning any type of tough grime & rust on your floors.

It comes with a 20 ft long high-pressure flexible hose and there is no hose reel available in this model. The Power cord length of SPX3000 is 35 ft.  Most of the models come with this cord length and you can use the extension wire if you want to work for long distances cleaning.  The 20 ft hose length and 35 ft cord length so you can work up to 55 ft distance.

This product has 33.9 inch Height and 13.5-inch width and the total weight is 31 Lb. 

For the low dirt and grime, the cleaning only can be done with water but for High Dirty surfaces and tough grimes, cleaning with Detergent may be more effective. The sun joe SPX3000 pressure washer has two detergent tanks of 0.9-liter detergent capacity

Bonus tip: Always use pressure washer cleaner don’t use household detergent it can damage your machine.

  • Budget-friendly and long-lasting
  • It delivers outstanding performance
  • Excellent build and design
  • Awesome Portable and easy to move because of lightweight
  • High-pressure water output
  • The hose is shorter than other
  • Not compatible with Hose reel

2. Ryobi RY142300, 2300 PSI Brushless Electric pressure washer

Ryobi Ry 142300 best electric pressure washer for medium hight duty cleaning jobs

The Ryobi RY142300 electric Power washer is another most promising pressure washer in this list. The Ryobi RY142300 is a superior pressure washer in this category. The Ryobi pressure washer is always designed heavy and powerful in performance.

This Ryobi model has a 13 AMP Brushless induction motor, it is designed to perform any type of medium-high duty cleaning tasks. 

The induction motors are outstanding in performance and it is used for the long run that’s the reason it is a bit costlier than the universal motor type pressure washers. 

If you are looking for the most powerful electric pressure washer then i would recommend you Ryobi RY142300, it would be the best pressure washer in 2021. It is costlier because of the heavy constructed design.

This Ryobi RY142300 looks heavier but creates very little noise. It is a genuine Pressure washer of such excellent quality build that delivers versatile performance. it is a 5 star top rated electric pressure washer.

Key Features & Specifications of Ryobi RY142300

The Ryobi Electric pressure washer is a power-packed washer it delivers 2300 PSI  Pressure at 1.2 GPM flow rate. 2300 PSI pressure is high for an electric pressure washer. Normally, most of the electric model provides under 2000 PSI working pressure. RY14300 will let you enjoy cleaning with high pressure.

The RY142300 comes with the 25 ft long High-pressure flexible non-marring hose as compared to sun joe SPX3000 they are giving 5 ft Extra-long Hose. The extra-long hose makes it the best electric pressure washer for cars because you have to move all-around while cleaning cars.

The overall weight of this machine is 49 lbs. For effective cleaning against oil and grease stains, it is compatible with a detergent tank that automatically mixes with water and provides effective cleaning when you wash oil and grease stains 

The nozzle accessories include 3 different types of nozzles for variety of cleaning jobs according to the required pressure.  The Turbo Nozzle allows 50% faster cleaning, and also used for oil and grease stains on the concrete and other outdoor tough grimes. It is a high-pressure nozzle address from its name and no soap or detergent is required with this nozzle. 

  • It delivers excellent performance
  • 13 AMP durable ‘’Induction motor’’
  • Excellent build and stylish
  • Extra-long High-Pressure Flexible Hose
  • Quieter with smooth Performance
  • Expensive than other

3. AR Blue Clean AR383S Electric Pressure Washer

AR Blue clean best rated electric pressure washer for home tasks

The AR Blue Clean (Annovi Reverberi) manufactures quality pressure washers. this is the trustable brand founded 60 years ago. This brand mainly focuses on designs, quality, and reliable equipment.

The AR383S is known for its gratifying performance. It comes up with a 13 AMP universal type motor and loaded with some promising features. AR383S  is only for Home purposes, not for commercial use or for rent.

The AR Blue Clean AR383S Pressure washer delivers 1800 PSI working pressure with a flow rate of 1.3 GPM. it saves 60% less water as compared to a garden hose.

Key Features & Specifications of AR Blue Clean AR383S 

The AR383S is designed beautifully and it is the powerful, durable, and best cleaner for home cleaning jobs. The 13 AMP universal motor efficiently delivers rocking performance and faster cleaning. 

It is recommended for cleaning siding, driveways, patio, cars, bikes, grime, concrete, bricks, walls, dirty stains, gutters, etc medium-high duty cleaning tasks.

The high-pressure hose length of this model is the same as their competitors in this list, which is 20 ft. The power cord length is 35 ft long so the total distance you can cover for cleaning up to 60 ft. 

The detergent tank is compatible and has a capacity of 0.9 liters approximately. The detergent mixes automatically if the switch is on. Additionally, the TSS feature (Total Stop System) is compatible with this pressure washer, the feature TSS automatically shuts off the pump when the gun trigger is not engaged. This feature saves energy as well as increases the lifespan of the pump.

This model allows 8-inches wheels for easy manuverability. the turbo nozzle is included you will love cleaning with the turbo nozzle.

  • High cleaning performance
  • Beautifully shaped and design
  • Create very low Noise
  • Compatible with Hose reel
  • Doesn’t get Heat-up soon.
  • It has a Limited warranty period

4. Sun Joe SPX3500 Brushless Induction Electric Pressure Washer 

sun joe spx 3500 pressure washer for quickest cleaning joibs

This is the second-best pressure washer from Sun Joe brand. As compared to SPX3000 with SPX3500. The SPX3500 is more powerful because it delivers 2300 PSI pressure.

The Sun Joe SPX3500 has a powerful and 13 AMP ‘‘Brushless Induction motor’’ and we discussed that induction motor is more powerful than universal type motor. This pressure washer is capable of doing any type of toughest cleaning job all around you.

it is a beautifully designed power washer loaded with unique features. definitely, it would be a great choice that provides value for money. SPX3500 is a bit heavier in weight compared to their rivals. It has integrated with wheels for easy move around.

Key Features & Specifications of Sun Joe SPX3500 

First of All the Brushless Induction motor makes it different from others. it forces the water out with 2300 PSI maximum pressure and 1.48 GPM flow rate which is quite a high-pressure that makes it the best electric pressure washer for home use.

As like other pressure washers, the SPX3500 has 20 ft long High-pressure flexible hose. The hose length is enough to move all around the car. The 35 ft long Power cord comes with a GFCI Plug for safety precaution. 

The spray wand is heavy and 34 inches long. The trigger gun holder gives the perfect look to this machine. No other pressure washer in this list provides 5 spray nozzles Each spray nozzle has a color code to better understand.

The 1.2 liters detergent tank is slightly bigger compared to others. The detergent tank is removable with a simple design. 

SPX3500 is compatible with the TSS feature (Total Stop system), with the help of this feature the pump automatically stops when the gun trigger is not engaged. This feature actually saves energy.

  • Powerful induction motor designed for long-lasting
  • High pressure with impressive performance
  • Compatible with 5 spray nozzle for a variety of cleaning jobs
  • Adjustable 1.2-liter detergent tank
  • Length of the hose is small that should be more in this price
  • No Hose reel
  • GPM is more than other

4. Karcher K5 Premium Pressure washer (Electric)

karcher k5 premium most powerful electric pressure washer

K5 is one of the premium pressure washer of Karcher’s Brand . i personaly like K5 design it is best rated electric Pressure washer for home use. karcher K5 is capable of fulfilling all your cleaning requirements.

K5 is a premium washer and has an ‘‘Induction motor’’ known for delivering superior performance till lasts. it generates 2000 PSI maximum pressure and this pressure is best for any type medium-high duty cleaning task.

This model makes value for money and engineered for the long run. K5 has a robust design. the combination of yellow and Black color looks extra stylish. 

Key Features & Specifications of Karcher K5

The Karcher K5 Premium comes with a 13 AMP water cool Induction motor that delivers up to 2000 PSI Pressure at a 1.4 GPM flow rate.

This model comes with a 25 ft long high-pressure flexible hose. the hose reel included for systematic wind-up of hose after use. The 25 ft hose is enough for long distance cleaning jobs, you can easily move all around the car with this length.

The length of the power cord is 35 ft long with the GFCI plug to avoid an explosion. The maximum inlet water temperature is 104° above that can harm the machine.

The K5 premium pressure washer comes with two spray wands one is a vario spray wand and another is a dirt blaster spray wand. The dirt blaster spray wand is for high-pressure cleaning and vario spray wand is for less pressure. The K5 has 7.7 inches of classic wheels included for easy maneuverability. 

Additionally, the Karcher provides a warranty of 2 years. As per the performance, K5  done the job in less time interval because the 2000 PSI with a flow rate of 1.4 GPM Provides faster and effective cleaning and saves time. AS per me, K5 premium is loaded with all the needy features that should make it the best home pressure washer.    

  • Compatible with Water cooled induction motor
  • User-friendly design integrated with hose reel for systematic wind-up
  • Two Spray wands
  • Packed with power performance
  • Trustable brand value
  • Limited Accessories available

5. Greenworks GPW2005 Pressure Washer

GPW2005 best pressure washer for car

Greenworks is a trustable brand Known for manufacturing powerful electric outdoor tools. They manufacture Quality pressure washers for both commercial & residential purposes. There are a number of GreenWorks power washers available but I choose GPW2005 because it is the best medium-range pressure washer for Heavy-medium duty cleaning.

The Greenworks GPW2005 is fixed with a 13 AMP universal type motor that delivers 2000 PSI maximum pressure with a Flow rate of 1.2 GPM. It is convenient for house cleaning jobs and provides effective cleaning of Cars, deck, siding, fence, patios, driveways, furniture, lawns, boats, bikes, etc. 

The overall weight of GPW2005 is 33 lb and it is designed very beautifully and attractive. it is loaded with all the needy features and makes it the perfect cleaning tool. Generally, under 2000 PSI is considered the best electric power washer for household cleaning works.

Key Features & Specification of Greenworks GPW2005 

The GPW2005 comes up with a 25 ft long high-pressure flexible hose. This length is excellent for car washing, you can move all around your car with this length.

The design is user friendly and integrated with Hose reel on the backside to wind up the hose systematically. The power cord length is 35 ft long with GFCI plug for safety against short circuits. The total length with the hose + cord is 60 ft. it is enough and convenient for outdoor cleaning jobs.

It is compatible with a telescopic handle and 5 inches wheels to move around where you want to take it out.

The metallic spray wand makes the gun more powerful and gives a classy look. 4 type spray nozzle included in accessories in which turbo nozzle, 25°spray nozzle, 40° Spray nozzle, and soap applicator is included.

The  Gun and wand holder in the front and telescopic design give it a perfect look. It looks pretty and heavy. The power cord hanger is integrated at the side for the systematic hose wind-up.   

  • It is quieter
  • Extra-long flexible hose
  • Great functionality
  • Use friendly design
  • Telescopic Handle to easily move around
  • comes with Limited Accessories

7. AR Blue Clean AR2N1 Electric Pressure Washer

AR blue clean pressure washer for home

The AR Ble clean 2N1 is the powerful and awesome pressure washer of this list. This model is capable of cleaning any type of toughest jobs like cleaning outdoor surfaces, patios, pool, deck, grime, painted surfaces, cars, muddy bikes Etc. 

Everyone knows AR Blue clean is the best pressure washer brand that manufactures only quality products and this classy pressure washer makes value for money. It is 2 in 1 versatile Pressure washer, The whole unit is mounted on cart and also can be detached from cart to hand carry and make portable to move away in the outdoors or anywhere.

The AR Blue clean AR2N1 has a 13 AMP universal type motor that generates maximum pressure up to 2050 with a flow rate of 1.4 GPM. This is the best portable pressure washer.

Key Features & Specification of AR2N1 Pressure washer

The AR2N1 is the best cold-water Pressure washer of AR Blue clean, the feedback of AR2N1 is very Positive. it delivers outstanding performance and provides very effective cleaning. It is Quieter at 2050 pressure and this is the best thing I really like about this model. 

The AR2N1 has a 25 ft long flexible hose, with this length it is easy to move all around the car and it is best suited for outdoor cleaning jobs.

The power cord length is 35 ft long and integrated with the Ground fault circuit interrupter GFCI Plug. This model is compatible with TSS (Total stop system) with this feature the Pump automatically stops when the gun trigger is not engaged, this feature is energy efficient.

The design of AR2N1 is on a cart-mounted that looks totally different from the other pressure washer. It is certified by CSA International for safety.

This unit is integrated with 8-inch wheels and has a weight of 36.4 lbs. it is easy to move away for different cleaning jobs.

It is compatible with a removable detergent tank of 25 oz capacity. This detergent mixes automatically with water whenever you use detergent for high cleaning jobs like oil stains, kitchen cleaning, windows, or any other stubborn stains.

The AR2N1 has a 2 years warranty with customer support.

This model is integrated with 0°, 15°, 25°, and Soap spray nozzles to perform high & low pressure jobs. It also allows a spray gun trigger lock.

  • Metallic gun with the Trigger lock
  • Awesome 2-in- 1 Design
  • Long High-pressure flexible Hose and Power cord.
  • Quieter and efficient
  • Only have 2-year warranty
  • Poor customer support

8. Stanley SHP 2150 Pressure washer

stanley 2150 psi pressure washer for toughest cleaning

SHP 2150 is one of the best model of Stanley Brand with very Positive feedback by users. It is the best medium-duty electric pressure washer and power-packed loaded with good features that make it different from others. This is small-looking lightweight but it is durable and known for its outstanding performance in the pressure washer industry.

It comes up with a standard Foam cannon. You will love car washing with Foam cannon. The brand Stanley put effort in designing the professional style spray gun. The SHP 2150 is compatible with the durable universal motor with Tri-axial Pump.

It allows you to enjoy fast medium-light duty cleaning with High pressure as compared to others this pressure washer has small wheels. This model comes with a 2 years warranty with lifetime customer support.

Key Features & Specifications of Stanley SHP 2150

As shown in model number this pressure washer forces the water out with the pressure of 2150 PSI at 1.4 GPM flow rate. The total cleaning power of this pressure washer was 3010 CU. This cleaning unit is enough for medium-light duty cleaning and considered best for home use. With 1.4 GPM you can actually save 4 times water compared to the garden hose. 

It comes up with a 25 ft long flexible high-pressure hose and 35 ft long Power cord with GFCI plug. This Hose and power cord is enough for outdoor cleaning jobs for home. If you face length issues then you can use an extension wire to mitigate this problem.

The accessories include a 28 oz detergent tank, foam Cannon, 4 quick connect nozzles (0° 15° 25° 40°), They also provide easy replacement of some parts which no other brand provides. 

This model is easy to use, a user-friendly portable pressure washer available at an affordable price.

  • Beautiful shape and design.
  • It delivers outstanding performance
  • Comes up with a foam cannon
  • Available at Affordable price
  • Wheels are shorter compare to rivals
  • Weak customer support

9. Karcher K1700 Electric Pressure Washer

karcher electric pressure washer

Karcher is the trustable brand that manufactures quality home cleaning equipment and giving excellent pressure washers with updated models for a very long time. The Karcher K1700 is one of the best value electric pressure washers of the company. It is one of the bestselling pressure washers in their category. 

K1700 is integrated with a universal type motor that delivers 1700 PSI maximum working pressure. This working pressure is quite effective for lawn, patios, cars, muddy bikes, concrete, siding, grime, boats, pools, and driveways.

The Karcher’s K1700 E- pressure washer offers very good features. The very New feature that makes a difference from others is a foot-operated pedal for power on-off. It has a very attractive and user-friendly design convenient to take where you want to move around in your house area.

Key Features & Specifications of Karcher K1700 

The K1700 delivers 1700 PSI maximum operating pressure, A 1700 PSI is not the normal pressure. getting this operating pressure at an affordable price is not a bad deal. No doubt, it is the best model of the K-series.

The Flow rate of this pressure washer is 1.2 GPM with this water output you can save 4 times less water compared to a garden hose.

K1700 is a great performer and it is tested under PW101, which is the testing association of pressure washer equipment. The pressure and flow rate are found accurate in testing.

This model allows a 0.5-gallon detergent tank, the detergent automatically mixes with water and cleans the stubborn grime and grease stains effectively.

For the systematic storage of guns and hose, this model is compatible with a storage bin to place the hose when not in use.

K1700 has a 20 ft long High-Pressure hose made with quality material and has a 3 years warranty. 

It also has power cord storage handles at top of the machine. These handles save the cord to go dirty and keep systematic when not in use.

This lightweight model is considered the best quality electric pressure washer for home and other Light-duty cleaning jobs.

This model allows a high-pressure turbo Nozzle, 15° Nozzle for concentrated washing, and Soap Nozzle for cleaning old dirty surfaces.

No doubt it is the best-designed pressure washer on this list if you belong to a small family and have the least use of pressure washer then this might be the best pressure washer for you.

  • Affordable Price
  • Create very less Noise
  • Great performance
  • Systematically designed
  • Plastic Spray wands
  • Small detergent tank

10. Powerhouse International 3000 PSI Pressure Washer

powerhouse best cleaning tool that deliver 3000 psi pressure

The powerhouse international 3000 PSI is the most powerful electric pressure washer that delivers a very High Pressure in this list. The Powerhouse international forces the water out with 3000 PSI maximum pressure at a 2.2 GPM flow rate that is huge and makes it the highest GPM electric pressure washer in this list.

The Powerhouse international is for those who are looking for a high-pressure electric power washer, of course for more pressure you have to pay extra money from your pocket.  It is completely power-packed from inside and loaded with impressive features. This brand makes the design of this model quite Attractive. You will enjoy operating this High pressure 3000 PSI pressure washer.

Key Features & Specification of Powerhouse Int. 3000 PSI

This model has a 30 ft extra long high-pressure flexible hose and the power cord length is 35 ft with GFCI plug.  It is compatible with 4 casters wheels with telescopic handle for easy move away from one place to another.

One of the promising features TSS (Total stop system) is integrated with this model. This feature saves a lot of energy. the machine automatically cut-off the power when the trigger is not engaged.

The power cord holder is integrated for systematic management of power cord It also comes with a Hose reel and two of this feature makes it a user-friendly tool.

The accessories include 5 quick connect spray nozzles 0° 15° 25° 40° and watering for different jobs.

  • High-pressure wash clean the dirt faster
  • User-friendly design integrated with hose reel for systematic wind-up
  • Variety of spray nozzle for Different jobs
  • Extra-long flexible hose
  • High price compared to other
  • It has a smaller wheel

11. Homdox 2950 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

This Homdox pressure is known for its powerful performance. Homdox is a new pressure washer company but the pressure washer they make is just simply awesome. this electric pressure washer is compatible with all the useful features that should be available in a top-rated electric pressure washer.

I have seen the working of this Homdox electric pressure washer, if you select this for your home cleaning jobs then your decision will be perfect. the green color of this Homdox pressure washer looks beautiful.

Key Features & Specification of Homdox 2950 PSI pressure washer

this pressure washer is integrated with a powerful15 AMP motor that delivers 2950 PSI pressure at 1.7 GPM (gallon per minute) flow rate. the total cleaning power of this Homdox pressure washer is 5015 cleaning units.

it comes with a 20 ft high-pressure flexible hose and 33 ft long power cord with a GFCI plug is attached to avoid shock. the hose reel is included for easy coiled up of hose after use.

The Total Stop System (TSS) feature is included in it, which enhances the pump life. This pressure is made for long-lasting use.

The nozzle accessories included 5 high and low-pressure nozzles for different cleaning jobs.

  • high PSI electric pressure washer
  • Integrated 15 AMP powerful motor
  • Equipped with hose reel
  • maximu flow rate is 2.6 GPM
  • it creates little bit noice
  • the hose & power cord length could be more

How I Selected the 11 Best rated Electric pressure washer?

I have been using the pressure washer in my home for the last 7 Years and doing all the cleaning jobs of my home. Using a pressure washer for cleaning has become fun for me and I enjoy the cleaning jobs every Sunday. As an Editor, sharing the electric pressure washer review is not a big deal for me.

There are a lot of pressure washers available in the market and I picked 11 best from them. Choosing 11 best is a tough job for me and it was more difficult than that to write cons about that pressure washer. Really, It is hard for me to find the cons.

All these pressure washers in this list are best for home cleaning jobs and these are not recommended for commercial purposes. For commercial purposes, you should go for a gas power washer.

These pressure washers are budget-friendly Because I Always look Best and affordable pressure washer for home.

What should you look for when Buying the Best Value Electric pressure washer?

There are many things important before selecting the best value electric pressure washer such as pressure, GPM, motor, power, user-friendly design, spray wands and their features make the Pressure washer best. 


Water pressure is the Key factor for cleaning jobs. Tougher jobs required more water pressure and some jobs required less water pressure to clean. Generally, Pressure measures in PSI (Pounds per square inch). 

Of Course, Higher pressure required less time to clean dirt, and 1800 to 2000 PSI is the Ideal pressure to perform Household cleaning jobs like cars, bikes, decks, Kitchen cleaning, patio furniture, and other house cleaning jobs and other works like Graffiti removal, farm equipment required up to 2500 PSI.

According to pressure consideration and high-quality pressure washer, the Ryobi RY142300 is the pressure washer in this list and I also recommend it because it is one of the best electric pressure washers that delivers 2300 PSI pressure at 1.2 GPM flow rate.

Flow rate (GPM)

Water output or flow rate is measured in GPM (Gallon Per Minute). GPM does it take shows how much time it takes to clean. It is the second most important factor after Pressure. 

Higher the GPM  than less time it will take to clean. Generally, 1.5 to 2 GPM is ideal for Household cleaning jobs. 

The cleaning time may also be dependent upon the operator hitting skills


The electric motor is the heart and Primary Part of a Pressure washer. The more powerful a motor is then higher the pressure will be. Generally, the Motor drives the pump, and pump delivers high-pressure water output. 

The power of the motor is measured in AMP (Ampere). For Household cleaning jobs more than 12 AMP makes the pressure washer powerful. If you are looking for commercial purpose then you should go for higher AMPs


The hose is the most usable Part and should be long, flexible, and manufactured from Good materials. It should be flexible, not stiff. You can check the flexibility to wind up the hose. 

The ideal length of hose is 20 ft but some bit costly models provide 25 ft long hose. The working pressure or burst pressure should be rated up to 3000 or more. And internal diameter should be ¼ inches.

All the 11 models we selected in this list come under all specifications we discussed.

Spray Wand

The wand should always be Metallic, avoid plastic material-based wand and their fitting should be of Brass material otherwise it may be rust in contact with water. The 20 to 30 inches is considered the best length and one more thing wand shouldn’t put it in on the ground.


Normally Spray nozzles come in accessories on buying otherwise remaining are Paid accessories. Different Nozzle should be used for Different jobs because every nozzle has different pressure 

When using Detergent, Make sure to install the correct Soap Spray nozzle.

User friendly Design

Design is another important part that matters in selecting the best. The removable detergent tank helps you change detergent every time. Bigger the wheels than easy to Push and move away. 

Our recommended wheel size should be around 10 to 12-inch Diameter. This size diameter helps you in muddy outdoor surface Jobs. 

It is better if it is compatible with Hose reel. If it is available then it is easy to coil or wind up your Hose.


After checking all the features and specifications the price matters a lot. Generally, prices depend on the manufacturer to manufacturer. A quality machine is always high in price and it also has a long lifespan. You can easily get the best electric pressure washer for under $200.

Nozzles Using Guide of a Pressure washer

Always, choose the right nozzle for the right job.

straight pencil point Nozzle is orange in color and it is used to cut heavy deposits like Grease stains, oil stains, heavy caked mud, etc.

The 15° fan tip nozzle is yellow in color and it is used to steel rusts, oil & grease stains or for intense wash.

The 25° fan tip nozzle is green in color and it is used to clean driveways, home siding, Patios, and wood decks Etc. It is one of the most usable Nozzle for common jobs.

The 40° fan tip nozzle is black in color and it is used to clean bikes, boats, cars, furniture, or other low resistance home equipment.  

How Long Do electric pressure washer last?

the Electric pressure washer is designed for Medium duty home cleaning jobs. To take the benefit of a Pressure washer for a long time you should use it twice a month for 1 to 2 hours. After Every Use winterize the pressure washer & store it properly.

if you can well manage it then you can use it up to 10 to 12 years with very low maintenance. All the working of a pressure washer is dependent upon the machine and Pump. these two are the most important part of the pressure washer. Additionally, to make maximum use of it don’t run it without water.

Which Electric Pressure washer is best for All home cleaning jobs?

Ryobi RY142300 2300 PSI Brushless electric pressure washer is one of the most powerful electric pressure washer in this list. it is durable & designed for long-lasting use. it will be a good investment if you are looking for household medium-duty cleaning jobs.

the best part of this pressure washer is all the mechanisms designed openly no plastic is used to cover the machine. it has large wheels and big handles that makes it portable and user friendly, No need to bend to move around from one place to another.

The 2300 PSI pressure is good for the home cleaning Jobs, The brand Ryobi is known to make powerful and innovative products, ”RY142300 is worth buying”

Frequently Asked question about – Best electric pressure washer

Q.1) Is 2300 PSI good for pressure washer?

Yes, it is quite good. Almost all home cleaning jobs can be performed under 2300 PSI pressure except 2 story vinyl siding cleaning.

Q.2) What is the best electric pressure washer for home use?

I filtered 11 top-rated power-packed pressure washers from 50, for medium-duty jobs. As per my experience in the pressure washer industry, choose between Sun Joe SPX3000 and Ryobi RY142300.

Q.3) What is the best brand of electric pressure washer?

There are many brands that manufacture and market pressure washers but the faithful are those who have minimum ten years of experience. So sun Joe, AR blue clean, Ryobi, Karcher, Greenworks are the best brands that focus mainly on quality rather than quantity? 

Q.4) what is more important in a pressure washer PSI or GPM?

Both PSI and GPM are important if i have to choose one then i will go for PSI which is more important. 

My Recommendation on Best Electric Pressure washer

The sun Joe SPX3000 Model is the Best model on this list because it is powerful and the best value for money. It is affordable, durable, and delivers great performance. I personally tested the Sun Joe SPX3000. It is a powerful and energy-efficient tool that also saves 70 percent of water as compared to garden Hose. it is the People’s choice and Bestselling electric pressure washer

Our Second Best choice is Ryobi RY142300 it is More powerful and heavier than SPX3000 But you have to pay more money for more Power. It delivers great performance and more pressure. The choice is yours according to your need. 

All these eleven are the best you can choose which you like most, I did my research Properly and make summaries for you so you can select without any hesitation and make your cleaning job Hassle-free.


If you have a Pressure washer at your home then you love Cleaning on your own. This is one of the best and most needy tools of Home, you can save your money, time, and water if you have it at your home. 

A clean house is important for good health and wellness for an entire family. I filtered the best eleven from the big numbers. Now it’s your duty to select the best according to your own needs. All the features and specifications in front of you. I wish you luck on the pressure washer hunt and hope you get the best. 


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