Best Foam Cannon for Electric Pressure Washer

best foam cannon for electr

Looking for Best foam cannon for electric pressure washer? Here you will get the best 5 Foam cannons.

Every one of us has used pressure washers, right? They make our tiresome cleaning work very easy and time-saving. But can we increase its efficacy and make it more fun? The answer to this question is off course a yes. There are devices called foam cannons that make it more efficient. This article will tell you about the best foam cannon for an electric pressure washer. 

Foam cannons use soap and water mixture to do the cleaning. They are attached to the nozzle of a pressure washer. The pressurized water from the pressure washer mixes with soap and a shower of soapy water is released which appears like shaving foam. This eases the cleaning and makes your objects shimmer more brightly.

Foam cannons are very useful where a lot of grease or other lubrication substances are present. The minute soap bubbles stick to the lubricating particles and wash them off your items. This restores the original glow of the object. 

Foam cannons allow you a touch-free washing therefore, they have an advantage over hand washing wherever paint is involved. Foam particles don’t let the paint scratch off the object and retain the usual color. By using foam cannons, you don’t have to scrub the surfaces of your items.

What is foam cannon? 

Foam cannons are transparent canisters that contain a mixture of soap and water and the mouth of the canister is fitted with a nozzle. 

The nozzle is attached to a brass connector that is present at the top of the cannon. The other side of the brass connector is plugged into the pressure washer. 

A control near the connector lets you control the amount of soap that mixes with the water from the pressure washer gun. The water from the pressure washer mixed with soap creates a significant amount of foam. The foam sticks easily to the dirt particles and washes them off with water. As you continue with this content, you will learn about the best foam cannon for electric pressure washer 

How much PSI pressure do you need for the foam Cannon? 

Foam cannons generally require a minimum pressure of 1100 PSI and an output of 1.5 GPM. However, the pressure and output may vary depending on the quality of the foam cannon. 

High-quality foam cannons have a pressure range from 2000 PSI – 5000 PSI with 2 GPM – 5 GPM output. To build an optimum amount of pressure, foam cannons use soaps that are designed specifically for them. Such soaps mix well with water and don’t clog the opening of the nozzle. 

5 best foam cannon for electric pressure washer

1. MTM Hydro foam cannon (PF22.2)

best foam cannon mtm hydro

It is the best foam cannon for car wash available on the market. It comes with a one-liter bottle. With this in your hand, you don’t have to refill it too often. 

It can be used on automobiles, aviation vehicles, concrete, bricks, and other outdoor objects. Add 1-2 ounces of soap and fill the container with water. Attach it to your pressure washer and viola, your cleaning partner is ready.

2. MATCEE foam cannon

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MATCEE foam cannon comes with a thicker brass core that gives a more dense foam. The large mouth of the vessel prevents the wastage of soap liquid. 

There is a filter fitted on the tube that helps prevent the scratch of paint on car surfaces. A rubber ring prevents leakage. It has a pressure of about 1500 PSI.

3. Tool daily pressure washer foam cannon for a car wash

for cannon for car wash

This foam cannon comes with a 2-liter bottle. It is also equipped with an additional orifice nozzle of 1.1mm that features a foam blaster. 

You just have to mix a little amount of soap with warm water and see the foam at work. Its pressure ranges between 1000 PSI and 3200 PSI. It applies to cars, motorcycles, floors, windows, and roofs. 

4. DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam cannon

duschin foam cannon

This foam cannon features an adjustable spray nozzle. You can change the form of the foam shower from a water column pattern to a fan pattern. 

A knob is also provided to control the amount of water that mixes with the soap and this helps you determine the thickness of the foam. 

It provides a pressure ranging from 1000 PSI to 3000 PSI. the product uses good quality brass connectors for efficient cleaning.

5. Sun Joe SPX-FC34-MTX foam cannon for SPX series

best sun joe foam cannon

The product features an adjustable nozzle to control the thickness of the foam. It comes with five quick connect nozzle tips for different amounts of output. 

It is compatible with Sun Joe’s complete line of pressure washer detergents and snow foams. The high-powered machine produces a viscous layer of foam that cleanses grease and dirt.

What is foam cannon soap?

Foam cannon soaps are the cleansing agents used in foam cannons to mix with water for better foam formation. It has a neutral pH to avoid stripping wax. 

The soap should produce a nice thick layer of lather. Moreover, it should be applicable on all surfaces like tires, windows, headlights, etc, without having to worry about surface damage.

5 Best soaps for foam cannon

1. Chemical Guys CWS 110 Snow foam car wash soap

chemical guys car wash soap

This honeysuckle-scented soap uses a pH-neutral formula that eliminates dirt, grime, and other environmental contaminants from the surfaces of your objects. 

It is compatible with surfaces like rubber, vinyl, glass, or plastic. Just add one cap of it with five gallons of water and see the shine. It is the best foam cannon soap for pressure washers.

2. Chemical Guys CWS 402 (Mr. Pink)

best car wash soap

Mr. Pink’s car shampoo works perfectly for the weekly cleaning of your vehicles. It is best to use it on the exterior of your automobiles. 

It has a neutral pH to make it surface-friendly. It uses premium super polymers that are suspended uniformly in the mixture to provide nonabrasive viscosity and to give a slick and shiny cleaned surface. 

3. Adam’s Mega foam

adam mega foam car wash

This pH-neutral liquid soap wash creates a thick layer of foam that lubricates the dirty surface and removes persisting grease, oil, or dirt. 

It is designed with 10 times the normal concentration of any standard soap. The Mega foam shampoo gives your vehicle a lustrous appearance and doesn’t damage the paint or wax coating on ceramic. It rinses the surface without any scratch marks. It is also one of the best soap for foam cannons. 

4. Meguiar’s G7164 gold class cart wash shampoo

best car wash soap 1

This car wash is designed with eco-friendly formula and is biodegradable. It produces a rich foam that gently and safely washes off dirt, grease, or other contaminants, without any streaks. 

It doesn’t harm the wax covering the surfaces. It is safe to use on paints and clear coats. The thick lather leaves your ride with a radiating glow with its original color.

5. Sun Joe SPX-FC34-MTX foam

This foaming agent will reveal the original luster of your vehicle that was hidden below the layer of dirt. 

The soap uses a bleach-free and biodegradable formula to save the environment and at the same time provide the best cleaning. 

It rinses off any tough contaminants from the surfaces of your automobiles and gives off a brilliant shine.

Foam cannon vs foam gun

Foam cannon and foam gun are two correlated terms but they are different products. A foam cannon is connected to a pressure washer and uses a highly pressurized spray of water to create thick, cream-like foam that sticks to surfaces for a long. 

A foam gun, on the other hand, is connected to a garden hose and uses low-pressure water to spray soapy liquid on the surfaces of your vehicles. 

A foam cannon requires a minimum pressure of 1100PSI, while there is no such requirement for a foam gun. The thickness of foam is more when using a foam cannon because of high pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Is foam cannon worth it?

Using a foam cannon produces a thick lather that clings to dirt, and lubricates the surface to rinse contaminants easily. They are definitely worth using do not strip paint or wax from the surfaces.

Q.2) Which is better-foam gun or foam cannon?

If you don’t own a pressure washer or don’t want to invest in that, then a foam gun is the best choice for you as it attaches to your garden. The only downside is that you will not get foam as thick as a foam cannon. However, if you do have a pressure washer, then you can use a foam cannon which will make the cleaning more efficient.

Q.3) What is a foam cannon good for?

Foam cannons are best for washing your automobiles and the exteriors of your house. It uses thick foam to clean dirty surfaces. There is also a no or low risk of stripping the paint or wax while washing. 


We all have used pressure washers. But it’s now time to save more time and use a foam cannon that will easily lubricate the dirty surface and wash off the dirt. Soap combined with water will make a more brilliant cleaning than regular washing. Moreover, foam cannon will give you a touch-free cleaning that will reduce the risk of streak lines. Now, that you know all about the best foam cannon for an electric pressure washer, you will face no difficulty to choose one for yourself. So, get one for yourself now as they will not damage your paint or wax and thus preserve the original glow. 

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