Best Foam Cannon for Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure washer

the best cannon for sun joe spx3000 available in the market

if you’re seeking Best Foam Cannon for Sun Joe SPX3000 then you’re at the right place. i have found a foam cannon that is specially made for Sun Joe SPX3000.

This foam cannon and bottle is the sun joe replacement bottle forSPX-FC34 foamer cannon. You can select this without any doubt.

This foam cannon is designed by tool daily and it easy to install with sun Joe SPX3000.

This 1/4 inches quick connector foam cannon is a Superior solution for cleaning cars, bikes, vinyl siding, windows, boats, and patio furniture.

The capacity of this foam cannon is 1 liter and it is the best seller foam cannon in the Amazon marketplace.

What features & specs make it the Best Foam Cannon for Sun Joe SPX3000?

first of this foam cannon and sun joe SPX3000 pressure washer both are the best seller in almost all market place. it is people’s choice best-rated foam cannon.

  • it is compatible with all sun Joe pressure washer
  • it creates an easy coat of snow foam on vehicle and deep cleaning
  • Easily adjust with 1000 to 3000 PSI pressure
  • comes with a 5 different nozzle for a variety of cleaning jobs.
  • The spray angle can be adjusted according to need.

How to install this foam cannon on Sun Joe SPX3000?

this foam cannon can install on sun joe SPX3000 in just three easy steps?

STEP 1: Pour soap or detergent in to the foam cannon bottle with warm water

STEP 2: connect this 1/4 inches connector and plug it with gun or wand

STEP 3: Adjust the Knob through turning to desired level. Know disperse foam cannon according to need.

This foam cannon is best for washing cars, SUVs and can also be used for washing windows, patio furniture, Boats, pool tile, Home floors, etc.

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