Best Gas Pressure washer2023? Top 3 Models compared and Reviewed

Best gas pressure washer you can trust most

If you’re looking for the best gas pressure washer for your home cleaning jobs or for commercial use then you have come at the right place. Gas pressure is the complete solution for cleaning any type of medium-high duty cleaning job. 

I love cleaning with a gas pressure washer because it is powerful and provides deep cleaning in one wash. 

One of the pros of gas pressure washers is it provides faster cleaning performance and saves time as well as water.

Here In this post, you’ll get all about gas pressure according to your need, money, and type which are as follows

Best Gas Pressure Washer with Honda Engine: Simpson Megashot MSH3125

simpson msh3125 is the best gas pressure washer till date

The Name is Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S. It is a premium residential gas pressure washer and one of the best pressure washers in Megashot series.

The Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S is not only the best gas pressure washer 2021 but as per me, it is the all-time favorite gas pressure you can trust most. Simpson cleaning is one of the trusted brands of gas pressure washers that are making gas pressure from long back time and Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S is their all-time best gas pressure washer with Honda engine.

ABOUT SIMPSON: Jack Simpson founded Simpson cleaning and made their first gas pressure washer in 1961. In this 60 years of Simpson cleaning, it is known for its reliability, high performance, and innovation. 

Simpson provides one of the best rated gas pressure washers for long-lasting use,  buying a Simpson pressure washers is always a worthwhile decision.

ENGINE: Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S is compatible with the GC190 Honda engine. The engine is the heart of gas pressure washer and if it belongs to Honda Engine then the performance is superior for a very long time. 

The Honda GC190 engine is a special design for residential use. It is a fuel-efficient engine, the fuel consumption is low. It is quieter (creates less noise) and delivers smooth performance. 

The machine component of GC190 is engineered for lower vibration.

PUMP: The Pump is the second most important part after the engine. The MSH3125-S has a sturdy OEM technology axial cam pump. This pump is made of fully anodized die-cast aluminum to avoid corrosion.

The pump is specially designed for thermal relief protection to prevent overheating which is one of the most common problems of most gas pressure washers.

The pump warranty covers One-year.

PRESSURE & FLOW RATE or PSI & GPM: PSI & GPM shows how powerful your pressure washer is. 

The Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S delivers 3200 PSI output pressure and 2.5 GPM (gallon per minute). The total cleaning power of this gas pressure washer is 8000 cleaning units.

This cleaning power makes it a superior gas pressure washer and with this PSI & GPM, any type of medium-high duty home cleaning jobs can be performed with this gas pressure washer including two-story siding cleaning from the bottom and cleaning concrete driveway at minimum time.

3200 PSI & 2.5 GPM is the best product specification, no other gas pressure washer provides this PSI & GPM at the same rate. 

BODY: The whole pressure washer unit is constructed on a welded steel frame. The whole body is power coated for corrosion resistance. 

For easy maneuverability, the whole pressure washer is mounted on the cart and two 10 inches pneumatic tires are available to move easily.

The welded steel frame has a 5 years warranty.

HOSE: the nonmarring high-pressure flexible hose is 25 ft long, it is the outer diameter of this flexible hose is ¼ inches. 

A 25 ft long length is enough for a residential gas pressure washer.

NOZZLE: The nozzle accessories include five different types of nozzle for a variety of high low-pressure cleaning jobs. Different jobs required different nozzles. 

The Nozzle accessories include 0° 15° 25° 40° & soap nozzle and almost all cleaning jobs can be covered under this variety of Nozzles.


  • Engine warranty – 2 years
  • Pump warranty – 1 year
  • Frame warranty – 5 years
  • Accessories warranty – 90 days

USER FEEDBACK & REVIEW: This pressure washer has got 4.8 stars out of 5 by their present users.  

85% of users gave it the 5 stars review and they are happy customers of the Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S gas pressure washer.

The feedback about this pressure washer is very Positive. It is a value for money pressure washer that is the one reason it is best selling gas pressure washer in various Marketplaces.

I have seen the working of this pressure washer and it is all good and best power washer under budget. The most promising thing I like the most is 3200 PSI pressure and 2.5 GPM flow rate.

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  • Compatible with a powerful Honda engine.
  • Pump coated with thermal relief protection from overheating
  • It delivers outstanding performance
  • It deliver High PSI & GPM
  • Easy to Use gas pressure washer
  • The Hose quality could have been better.

Best Commercial Gas pressure washer: Simpson Powershot PS60843

Best gas pressure washer for commercial use

The Best commercial gas pressure washer is Simpson PowerShot PS60843-S, it is the best gas pressure washer of the PowerShot series. The PowerShot series belongs for commercial use.

This gas pressure washer is built heavily and assembled with powerful equipment that is the reason it is higher in cost and delivers great performance. 

The Simpson PowerShot PS60843-S is one of the trusted pressure washer of PowerShot series that have positive feedback and review from pressure washing business owners. If you are looking to start a pressure washing business then this Powershot pressure washer is best suited for you.

ENGINE:  The Powershot PS60843-S is with a Durable 420cc Simpson Engine with a low oil shutdown feature. The 420cc engine is quite powerful and best suited for commercial use.

This Simpson engine has total 3 years warranty. 

This is a heavy-duty pressure washer designed for professional commercial cleaning use.

PUMP: The powerful pressure washer required an extra powerful pump. the Simpson Powershot PS60843-S is compatible with a AAA triplex plunger pump.

The triplex plunger pump is one reason for their power performance.

PSI & GPM: The PS60843-S delivers 4400 PSI output pressure at 4.0 GPM which is quite huge pressure and GPM for a gas pressure washer.

The total cleaning power of this pressure washer is 17600 cleaning units. If you’re looking for the best gas pressure washer for commercial use then no other gas pressure washer can compete with Simpson Powershot PS60843-S.

BODY: the whole unit is mounted on the Welded steel frame which is coated with a Powder-coated finish for durability and corrosion resistance.

Extra-long 13 inches Pneumatic tires are available for easy maneuverability.

HOSE: A commercial gas pressure washer required a long hose, this PowerShot commercial pressure washer has a steel braided monster Hose which is ⅜ inches X 50 ft long. A 50 ft is enough for a commercial pressure washer.

This hose is kink & abrasion resistant with quick connect fittings and the outer jacket is made with polyurethane.

NOZZLE: it comes with 5 quick-connect spray nozzles which are  0° 15° 25° 40° & soap nozzle for a variety of cleaning jobs. 


  • Engine warranty – 3 years
  • Pump warranty – 5 years
  • FFrame warranty – 10 years
  • Accessories warranty – 9 years

USER FEEDBACK & REVIEW: it is also a five-star rating pressure washer that is value for money. If you’re looking for a pressure washing business then this Powershot pressure washer is perfect for you.

The user feedback about this pressure washer is absolutely fine. 

  • Beast commercial gas pressure washer
  • Compatible with AAA triplex plunger Pump
  • High cleaning power 17600 cleaning units
  • It Comes with a extra long hose
  • It has extra long steel braided monster hose
  • The engine warranty could be more.

Most Powerful Gas Pressure Washer: Champion 4200 PSI

Most powerful gas pressure washer

The Most powerful gas pressure washer of this article is the champion power equipment 4200 PSI  gas pressure washer. The champion power equipment is simply the best equipment and value for money pressure washer.

It looks beast and delivers simply awesome performance. The model number of this professional pressure washer is champion pro 100790.

ABOUT CHAMPION: Champion is a leading power-generating equipment company in America and Canada. It manufactures various powerful products and a gas power washer is one of them. 

The champion gas pressure washer is trustable and known for versatile performance for a very long time. Buying a champion pressure washer is always be a good deal.

ENGINE: This champion pressure washer is compatible with a 389cc champion engine. It is sturdy and delivers very good performance 

The fuel capacity is 1.6 gallons and this champion gas pressure washer is designed with low oil shut-off sensor. 

PUMP: it is compatible with Annovi Reverberi’s commercial-grade Triplex brass head pump which is mainly designed for a commercial-grade performance. 

The Pump is forged with a Brass manifold that provides corrosion resistance.

 PSI & GPM: it delivers 4200 PSI output pressure at the flow rate of 4.0 GPM (gallon per minute). The total cleaning power of this champion pressure washer is 16800 cleaning units.

These cleaning units is capable of performing any type of high duty cleaning job. You can even target two-story vinyl siding from the bottom with this Pressure and GPM.

BODY: The steel frame of this pressure washer is built quite heavy that can bear more weight than the whole unit of pressure washer.

It comes with 10 inches, never-flat wheels that provide easy maneuverability while performing the job.

HOSE: it comes with a 50 ft long high-pressure flexible hose. This hose has ⅜ inch connection fittings. 

The extra-long hose is necessary with a commercial-grade pressure washer for cleaning driveways and other long-distance cleaning jobs.

NOZZLE: The nozzle accessories include  0° 15° 25° 40° & soap nozzle.

WARRANTY: this champion gas pressure washer has 2 years limited warranty and lifetime support from pressure washer experts.

USER FEEDBACK & REVIEW: The User feedback is best about this pressure washer, 89% of users of the champion 4200 PSI gas pressure washer gave it the 5-star review. 

It delivers outstanding performance and is compatible with all the needy features that should be available in a gas pressure washer. 

Buying this champion pressure washer would be a good deal. 

  • Compatible with Annovi reverberi brass head pump.
  • Powerful 389cc champion engine.
  • High PSI & GPM
  • EPA certified pressure washer
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Higher price as compared to others

Which gas pressure is Best and worth your Money?

I have listed the 3 best pressure washers according to their use. The pressure washer for residential use, commercial use, and the Most powerful gas pressure washer. I have researched a lot and given my five days to find this pressure.

All these three pressure washers are good and deliver versatile performance and are worth buying.

The Simpson Megashot MSH3125 is my all-time favorite gas pressure washer. I would recommend it if you‘re looking for a gas pressure washer for medium-high duty home cleaning jobs. A 3200 PSI is enough to perform any job.

Frequently Asked Questions about gas pressure washer

Q.1) How long does a gas pressure washer last?

Gas pressure is made durable from inside as well as from outside by any company. A gas pressure washer can last up to 10 to 12 years or 600 Hours normally and it also depends on how you maintain the gas pressure washer.

Q.2) What is a good PSI for a gas pressure washer?

The 3000 PSI is good for residential use because any type of home cleaning job can be performed under this pressure including two-story vinyl siding and an extra-long driveway. A 300 PSI pressure washer saves time & water while cleaning.

Q.3) Is a gas pressure washer good for residential use?

Yes, cleaning with a high pressure gives internal happiness, and gas pressure washer is known for delivering high output pressure, another advantage of a gas pressure washer for residential use is you do not need detergent cleaning with high pressure.

Final words

Thus, we came to conclude the fact that we should choose the gas pressure washer according to our needs.  I have recommended the most powerful gas pressure washer and pressure washer for commercial & residential use. All these three are the best gas pressure washers in the world that gives you value for money. I have personally seen the cleaning performance of this pressure washer. 

I am sure that buying a gas pressure washer for cleaning is a good decision. You can grab this pressure washer by wholehearted rust of reliability and warranty assurance.

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