Best Hot Water Pressure Washer for faster Cleaning performance in 2023

best hot water electric pressure washer which is worth to buy

If you are looking for the best hot water pressure washer then you are at the right place. Here I will recommend the best that is worth Buying.

Some jobs can’t be handled by cold water pressure washers, despite it being too high PSI pressure. For those jobs, Hot water does the job very easily. 

The hot water power washers are mainly used in the factories, hotels, garages, or for industrial use, it is considered efficient for removing grease and mud from the floors or equipment. 

It is bigger in size compared to residential pressure washers. Of Course, it is expensive compared to a normal electric pressure washer.

For effective deep cleaning hot water pressure washer is better than cold one. 

Best Hot water pressure washer: Which is Worth Buying?

Northstar electric wet steam and Hot water pressure washer

electric hot water pressure washer

Northstar is the best commercial hot water pressure washer manufacturing brand that makes both electric and gas-operated hot water power washers.

This Northstar hot water pressure washer is compatible with a 20 AMP commercial-grade motor & CAT 4DX pump that delivers 2000 PSI pressure at 1.5 GPM (gallon per minute). 

The pressure can adjust according to the type of cleaning job.

The 2000 PSI pressure is enough for a hot water pressure washer. That provides effective cleaning performance against stubborn oil and Grease cleaning jobs.

This hot water pressure washer is equipped with a fuel filter and water separator that restrict the ignition trouble in the burners.

This pressure washer is easy to start and designed for safe use. In this pressure washer, The water heated up a maximum of up to 250 ℉. 

It comes with a 50 ft high-pressure flexible hose. The Nozzle accessories include 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° steam, soap for the variety of cleaning jobs. The high-pressure steam nozzle cleans the toughest greasiest job efficiently.

The power cord is 36 ft long with a GFCI plug to avoid shock.

This north star hot water pressure washer has 2 years limited warranty. The support of this brand is best through email or phone calls. 

The overall weight of this pressure washer is 337 lbs. The 12 inches pneumatic tires provide easy maneuverability. 

Overall, this pressure washer is compatible with versatile features and if you are looking for hot water electric pressure washer then don’t look at others this is the best hot water pressure washer for money and solution for all the cleaning worries. 

this pressure washer may be your best hot water pressure washer for car cleaning and other residential works.

Northstar Hot water pressure washer pumps (Cat 4DX) Feature

Everyone knows, CAT pumps manufacture the best quality pumps in the world. Most of the water pump tools sold by the name of Cat pumps.

In a pressure washer tool pump works as the heart of the pressure washer. CAT 4DX delivers 2000 PSI pressure at 1.5 GPM.  

This is the triplex plunger rod pump. This plunger is made up of brass material that makes this pump for long-lasting use. the inlet and discharge port size of this pump are ⅜  inches.

What is the Difference Between Hot water & Cold water pressure washer?

When the water contacts with heat then water molecules create space and move faster & bounce from bottom to up. It becomes a ‘’dissolved solvent’’ after heating. This water solvent cleans dust, dirt, spots, oil, and grease stains faster than cold water.

The hot water + higher pressure is a good combination that cleans and swipes any type of oil and grease stains faster than others. That’s the reason hot water pressure cleaners are the first choice for commercial purposes.

Cleaning a dirty large space with hot water saves water and time as well. That’s the reason, factories, hotels, garages prefer hot water compared to cold water.

On the other hand, the cold water pressure washer is evergreen but not effective when the job is of Oil & grease and to old dirt and muds.. 

Frequently asked questions About hot water pressure washer

Q.1) is a hot water pressure washer worth it?

The hot water power washer is cost-effective that requires less labor & detergent for cleaning. That provides hassle-free cleaning in large areas. It cleans efficiently on any types of oil & grease stains.

Q.2) what is the best hot water electric pressure washer?

Above we reviewed the best hot water electric pressure washer of the north star, this is the only brand that manufactures quality hot water power washer which is safe to use.

Q.3) How does hot pressure washer work?

In a hot water pressure washer burner heats the water when the water is out from the pump, this heating process is done when the water travels from the coil tube. The burner runs by kerosene or diesel. 


Generally, A hot water pressure washer is expensive compared to other pressure washers so selecting the best is always a big deal. We invest only once to buy that type of Expensive pressure washer cleaner.

To solve the problem, I have reviewed the best hot water pressure washer you can also use it commercially, this pressure washer is built heavy and has all the features that should be available in a quality pressure washer.  

Selecting this pressure washer is always the worth choice.

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