5 Best Pressure washer for cleaning driveways in 2021

complete guide on Best pressure washer for cleaning driveways

Cleaning driveways come under medium-high duty cleaning jobs. The pressure required for cleaning driveways is 2000 to 3500 PSI.

Higher the PSI as quickest clean the driveway and other jobs.

Both Electric and gas pressure washers can be used to clean driveways. 

Here, in this post, I will review the best pressure washer for cleaning driveways. That gives faster cleaning performance and is available at an affordable price.

These pressure washers are not only best in cleaning driveways but are also good in cleaning cars, concrete driveways, patios, houses, bikes, gutters, vinyl siding Etc.

Best Gas Pressure washer for cleaning driveways

Gas pressure washers are known for their powerful performance and long-lasting use. As per me, Gas pressure washers are most suitable for driveways cleaning either you have concrete driveways, Brick driveways, Asphalt driveways, or gravel driveways.

Different types of driveways require different pressure to clean. So always choose a high PSI & GPM pressure washer for Driveway cleaning.

For outdoor cleaning jobs the gas pressure washer is my first choice.

1. Simpson cleaning CM61083 

one of the best gas pressure washer for cleaning driveways

The CM61083 model is one of the top-rated gas pressure washers of Simpson cleaning. This is the residential pressure washer and it is able to clean any type of medium-high duty home cleaning jobs.

This pressure washer is compatible with a Simpson OHV engine and OEM Technology axial cam pump. The engine drives the pump and delivers 3400 PSI pressure at 2.4 GPM.

The total cleaning power of this gas pressure washer is 8160 cleaning units. Which is quite high for any type of gas pressure washer. Cleaning driveways with high-pressure CM61083 can save your time. 

This pressure washer comes with a 25 ft high pressure flexible non-marring hose. The CM61083 is constructed on a heavy steel frame and 10 inches pneumatic tires that provide easy maneuverability from one place to another.

The nozzle accessories include four quick-connect spray nozzles for a variety of cleaning jobs. It includes 0°, 15°, 25°, and soap nozzles.

A 25° spray nozzle is considered best for cleaning driveways because this nozzle has a wide spray and covers a wide area and provides faster cleaning performance.

Overall, CM61083 is the best pressure washer for cleaning driveways. This pressure washer is compatible with great features that provide great performance.

2. Westinghouse WPX2700 gas pressure washer

Best power washer for cleaning driveways

The Westinghouse’s WPX2700 is the second-best gas pressure washer for cleaning driveways. Westinghouse is the popular brand of gas pressure washer that manufactures outstanding power washers that provide great performance and run for a long time.

This Westinghouse power washer is compatible with a powerful gas-powered 212cc Westinghouse OHV horizontal shaft engine and Axial cam pump that delivers 2700 PSI pressure at 2.3 GPM. 

The total cleaning power of WPX2700 is 6210 which is enough for cleaning driveways and other outdoor cleaning jobs. 

It is a recoil start pressure washer. Which is constructed on a heavy steel body frame and for easy portability the 12 inches wires are included on it. 

The Hose is 25 ft long (abrasion-resistant super flex hose). The nozzle accessories include  0°, 25°, 40°, and soap nozzles.

WPX2700 comes with a 3 years labor, parts, and service warranty. It’s a good gesture from Westinghouse that makes faith in the brands. Overall, This pressure is worth buying, the price is very affordable As per me, it is a value for money pressure washer.

This WPX2700 is the best pressure washer for cleaning cars and other outdoor cleaning jobs.

3. Generac 3100 PSI electric start gas pressure washer

best generac pressure washer for driveways

This is the only electric start push button pressure washer in this list. If you want a hassle-free on-off system pressure washer then this Generac lithium-ion electric start pressure washer is for you. 

This is the best budget power washer for cleaning driveways and other residential jobs. 

It is compatible with a 173cc Electric start engine and vertical axial cam pump that forces the water out with 3100 PSI at 2.5 GPM. The total cleaning power of this generac power washer is 7750 cleaning units.

This superpower pressure washer is the fittest for quick cleaning driveway, pools, and Decks. This pressure washer is also good for cleaning two-story vinyl siding.

Another most promising feature in it is ‘’powerdial Gun’’ that allows easy adjustment of pressure at your fingerprints 

The length of the hose of this generac cleaning tool is 25 ft. The nozzle accessories include 4 quick connect spray nozzles which are 0°, 25°, 40°, and soap nozzles. 

This cart mounted pressure washer has 10 inches Never flat wheels. The overall weight of this gas power washer is 65 lbs.

Best Electric pressure washer for cleaning Driveways

Electric pressure washers are mainly designed for house cleaning jobs. It is light in weight and the best thing is that there is no need to fill gasoline again and again. 

Filling gasoline is the biggest drawback of gas pressure washers but gas pressure washers are more powerful compared to Electric.

But Some electric pressure washers I have reviewed in this post are the best pressure washers for cleaning driveways.

4. Greenworks GPW2200 Electric pressure washer

best electric pressure washer for cleaning driveways

For any type of driveway cleaning either, it is brick, gravel, or concrete driveways GPW2200 is the first choice in an electric pressure washer. This pressure washer is powerful and not less than the gas pressure washer.

The GPW2200 is compatible with the 14 AMP Brushless induction motor. The brushless induction motor is known for its powerful performance. 

The Final output pressure of this pressure washer is 2200 PSI at 2.3 GPM. This pressure is enough to clean the driveway easily. You can also perform all home cleaning jobs efficiently.

The high-pressure flexible hose is 25 ft long and the power cord is 35 ft long, this length of hose and cord can be a worrying situation while cleaning driveways but you can use an Extension wire to avoid this problem when using an electric pressure washer.

The greenworks GPW2200 comes with a 3 years warranty, this is a PWMA certified pressure washer, all The Pressure, GPM, and other specifications have been checked under PWMA certification.

For changing detergent easily, the detergent tank is placed on the board. The GPW2200 is compatible with LED Display, Sensor senses the pressure Digitally.

For the variety of high low pressure washer jobs, it comes with 5 different nozzles.

Overall, This electric pressure washer listed as the Best electric pressure washer. The features and specifications of this pressure washer make a difference from other electric pressure washers.

5. Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric pressure washer

The electric pressure washer is worth buying for driveways

The Sun joe SPX3000 is the best selling electric pressure washer from the last 3 years. 

The SPX3000 is a perfect pressure washer for any type of home cleaning jobs. It is available at a very affordable price. If you buy this pressure washer on big days you can save a good amount of money.

Investing money in SPX3000 would be a wise decision because it is durable and designed beautifully.

This SPX3000 comes with a 14.5 AMP/1800 watt induction motor. This pressure washer forces the water out with 2030 PSI pressure at 1.76 GPM. It is capable of cleaning all home cleaning tasks.

The nozzle accessories include 5 different nozzles for a variety of cleaning jobs. Like cleaning cars, bikes, patios, siding, Pools, Decks, and specially Driveways.

It comes with a 20 ft high-pressure flexible hose and 35 ft long Power cord with a GFCI plug. The special TSS feature (Total stop system) automatically shut off the pump when the gun trigger is not engaged. These are the important features that prolong the pump life of SPX3000.

This is the best 2000 PSI electric pressure washer that anyone can afford. The User Gives a 5-star rating to this pressure washer with very positive feedback and I am one of them. I have been using SPX3000 for the last 3 years without facing any trouble.


Choosing one from the five would give you the best pressure washer for cleaning driveways because all five are the best high PSI pressure washer. 

The gas pressure washer is best compared to the electric for cleaning driveways because there is no restriction of the power cord. A Too long Driveway can be cleaned easily by a gas pressure washer.

 All these pressure washers are loaded with Great features and specification, The user review and feedback are positive. 

Now the final decision is your which one is perfect for your Driveway.

If you have any queries related to pressure washers then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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