5 Best pressure washer to Clean House in 2023 (Detailed comparison)

The pressure washer has become one of the needed tools for home cleaning jobs. Finding the best from a long list is a tough task. To make it easy I reviewed the 5 best pressure washer to clean house and compared it in a detail one by one.

A pressure washer is a tool that makes your cleaning jobs easy, it provides faster cleaning and saves your time. A pressure washer delivers 10 times faster pressure than the garden hose.

Generally, the electric washer is considered best for the home cleaning jobs because all the home cleaning jobs are covered under 2000 PSI pressure and Electric pressure washer is best for that.

All the five models here are the best pressure washer to clean a 2 story house. You can clean the 2 story house from the ground floor.

I reviewed this 5 pressure washer for home use in which 4 are electric and one is gas pressure washer, this review is based on the following points:

  • Output pressure
  • PSI & GPM
  • Motor capacity
  • Trusty Brand 
  • Portable design
  • consumer feedback

All the home cleaning jobs like outdoor cleaning, driveways, garage, patios furniture, cars and bikes, siding, pool, roof, Barbeque, etc are covered Under 2000 PSI pressure.

Top 4 Best electric pressure washer to clean house

In this list of 5 best pressure washers, The first four are electric pressure washers and one is gas power washers. Both the electric and gas pressure washer is best for home and both have their own pros & cons. 

The gas pressure washer delivers higher pressure and flow rate compared to electric. You have to fill gas for every use in a gas pressure washer but it is highly portable. You can take it anywhere because there is no restriction of the power cord.

The electric pressure washer delivers lower pressure compared to gas but best suitable for home use. It starts on one touch of button and maintenance is less compared to a gas power washer.

1. AR Blue clean AR390SS Electric pressure washer

AR390SS best small size electric pressure washer at affordable price

The AR390SS is one of the best and powerful electric pressure washer of Annovi reverberi. Annovi reverberi is the most trusted brand for cleaning tools. The customer feedback about this AR390SS is quite Good and if you buy this pressure washer to clean the house then it will be a good decision.

The AR390SS is the upgraded pressure washer loaded with the best features that should be available in a quality and authentic pressure washer. This annovi reverberi model is integrated with 14 AMP Powerful universal motor and Tri axial pump.

It delivers 2000 PSI output pressure at the flow rate of 1.4 GPM. (Gallon per Minute). The 2000 PSI pressure is quite good for any pressure washer. This pressure is considered best for medium-high duty home cleaning jobs.

This model has a 30 ft long Flexible hose and 35 ft long power cord with GFCI plug, with this pressure washer you can perform all jobs to clean the house. The AR390SS is Integrated with TSS features that automatically shut off the pump when the gun trigger is not engaged. This feature is my favorite in this pressure washer that actually saves energy and increases pump life.

The AR390SS is compatible with 4 quick connect spray nozzles that provide a faster cleaning rate according to the variety of home cleaning Jobs. These nozzles are 0°, 25°, Turbo, and Soap. for the effective cleaning against stubborn stains, the 48oz detergent tank is included.

  • 2000 PSI pressure at 1.4 GPM
  • TSS feature included to save energy
  • Extra long high pressure flexible hose
  • Accessories include turbo nozzle
  • The design could have been better

2. Ryobi RY142300 2300 PSI Electric pressure washer

Ryobi RY142300 outstanding and best pasher washer

The RY142300 is one of the best electric pressure washer to clean house that is worth buying, this High-pressure electric pressure washer is my personal favorite, that is designed mainly for long-lasting use. No Doubt it is the best pressure washer on the market.

The RY142300 is compatible with a brushless induction motor that makes it solid from inside and forces it to deliver such high output pressure. 

This Ryobi pressure washer looks like a gas power washer. the brand Ryobi designed it on the cart-mounted that makes it a highly portable electric pressure washer. 

The RY142300 has 13 AMP brushless AC induction motor and an axial cam pump which is capable to deliver 2300 PSI pressure at a flow rate of 1.2 GPM. this pressure is too much for an electric pressure washer that provides an efficient cleaning performance 10 times more than a garden hose.

The cleaning power of RY142300 is 2760 CU that is excellent and clean the dirt and stains from home quickly. the consumer feedback about RY142300 is very positive. nine out of ten give a five-star review to this pressure washer the remaining one is facing leakage problem with the connector. this review makes it the best pressure washer house cleaner.

It comes with a 25 ft long high pressure flexible hose and 35 Ft long power cord, the heavy material used to design the hose and power cord for long lasting use.

The Accessories include 15°, Turbo and soap Nozzle for the Effective cleaning. The 12 inches long wheel makes easy portable pressure you can take it everywhere without any hustle.

  • It packed with excellent features
  • Integrated with Brushless induction motor
  • Compatible with a turbo spray nozzle
  • High portable design
  • The Hose length could me more

3. Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric pressure washer

one of the best electric pressure washer in the world

This is the bestseller electric pressure washer because Sun joe SPX3000 is loaded with all the useful features and specifications that make it perfect for cleaning a house. This sun joe pressure washer is lightweight and available at an affordable price. This is the People’s choice best pressure washer.

If you’re looking for the trusted brand and medium light-duty home cleaning Jobs then sun Joe SPX3000 could be the best pressure washer to clean your house. The customer feedback about this pressure washer is very positive and the rating of SPX3000 is also high. I can say that No one can devote this pressure washer.

The spx3000 is the best pressure washer for cars and other home cleaning jobs.

The SPX3000 has a 14.5 AMP universal type heavy motor that forces the water out with 2030 PSI pressure at 1.7 GPM flow rate. The total cleaning power of Sun Joe SPX3000 is 3572 CU, this cleaning power is capable to clean any type of stains, grime, oil and grease stains, etc.

The high-pressure flexible hose length is 25 ft long and the Power cord is 35 ft long with GFCI plug. This length of hose & power cord is enough to move all-around your car and cover a good distance in cleaning driveways. To increase the length you can either use an extension cord.

The accessories include 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40° quick-connect spray nozzle to perform a variety of cleaning jobs.

  • Higher cleaning power
  • Powerful and durable motor
  • Very positives feedback by a satisfied customer
  • Affordable Price
  • It has plastic design

4. Greenworks GPW2200 Electric pressure washer

Greenworks vs ryobi pressure washer review and guide

The GPW2200 is one of the top models and the best 2000 PSI electric pressure washer to clean the house of GreenWorks. The design of this pressure washer is user friendly which provides easy cleaning. This pressure washer is known for its outstanding performance. All the features are mind-blowing which makes it a versatile electric pressure washer.

The GPW2200 has a 14 AMP powerful Brushless induction motor that delivers 2200 PSI pressure at 2.3 GPM. The cleaning unit of this pressure washer is 5060 CU which is quite high for any electric pressure washer. The GPW2200 is the best power washer to clean the house that provides the fastest cleaning in one wash. 

This pressure washer is cart-mounted and looks like a gas power washer. It has 25ft long high-pressure flexible hose and 35 ft long Power cord. This length is enough to move all-around your car. 

The accessories include 15°, 25°,  40°, soap and turbo quick-connect spray nozzle. If your pressure washer is compatible with Turbo nozzle then you don’t need the other nozzle. I Personally clean my house every weekend with the Turbo Nozzle.

  • It delivers high pressure 2200 PSI at 2.3 GPM
  • It is compatible with Brushless Induction Motor
  • The accessories include Turbo Nozzle
  • Cart mounted Portable design
  • Three year warranty period
  • Hose length is to short in this price

5. Simpson MSH3125 Megashot ”Gas Pressure washer

high pressure gas pressure washer

If you are looking for a gas pressure washer for home cleaning jobs then MSH3125 is the best power washer to clean the house. Gas pressure washers are known to deliver high pressure. You can perform high-duty cleaning jobs with this pressure washer.

If you are looking for the best pressure washer to clean 2 story house then a Simpson MSH3125 Megashot is the solution. It provides a faster cleaning rate. You can clean anything with this pressure washer, which you can’t clean with an electric pressure washer. This was the best gas pressure washer in 2019 & 2018.

The MSH3125 has a honda GC190 premium engine which is designed mainly for residential use. The axial cam fine pump is integrated with this pressure washer that forces the water out with the pressure of 3200 PSI at the flow rate of 2.5 GPM. The total cleaning power of this pressure washer is 8000 Cleaning units which too huge and make it an awesome gas pressure washer.

It comes with a 25 ft long Morflex high-pressure flexible hose and 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and soap tip spray nozzle to perform a variety of cleaning jobs. for example to clean a required low pressure so a 25° spray tip is best suited for it. 

The Simpson MSH3125 is fitted on a heavy steel frame. It has two 10-inch pneumatic tyres to take it anywhere. It allows a 2-year engine and 1-year pump warranty. The MSH3125 is the best gas pressure washer for cleaning cars and has a very postive user review about it.

If you love to clean house with extremely high pressure then MSH3125 is the best power washer to clean house. I surely can say that it is worth to buy this Simpson pressure washer.

  • It delivers outstanding performance
  • It provides faster cleaning with 8000 cleaning power.
  • Compatible with versatile honda GC190 pump engine.
  • Allows 2-year engine and one year pump and 5-year frame warranty
  • Some customer found leakage from connector

Which one is the best pressure washer for home use?

I have mentioned all the best from the long list, all these five are the best pressure washer for home use. if I have to choose one from the five, then I would suggest Ryobi RY142300 Electric pressure washer and for gas power washer I would recommend you go for Simpson Megashot MSH3125.

These two are the best pressure washer you can buy for home, I can surely say that it will run for a long time without creating any problem.

For electric pressure washer 2300 PSI is best and for gas 3200 PSI is best. Gas pressure washers are more expensive than electric one and you have to fill gasoline in every wash.

With these two pressure washer, you can perform any high-pressure jobs like cleaning concrete and driveways in less time. Because these two jobs required high pressure. The MSH3125 is the best pressure to clean 2 story house.

Is a pressure washer good for house cleaning?

I will say a big yes because pressure washer is the tool that makes your job easy that save your time as well as money. The investment on a pressure washer is always worth, you have to spend money once and a normal pressure washer runs up to 10 years normally.

If you buy from the above list of best pressure washer to clean house then it would be a great deal because these pressure washers are designed for long-lasting use, you don’t have to spend money on maintenance. 

If you require high pressure up to 3000 PSI to clean the house then you should go for a Simpson megashot MSH3125. If you have a small house and garden then you should go for an electric pressure washer. 

The medium-high duty home cleaning jobs are cleaning cars, muddy bikes, driveways, patio, vinyl siding, fencing, garage oil, and grease stains, tough grimes, windows, outdoor surfaces, etc always use a different nozzle for different jobs. Because some jobs required high pressure and some like cars, bike cleaning jobs required low pressure. 

How often should you pressure wash your House?

For the Exterior you should clean once a year. If you love hygiene or live on the roadside then you should wash your exterior twice in a year. According to me, whenever you have free time you should clean your house once a month like cars, bikes, patio, driveways, siding, garage etc. cleaning this all will give you eternal happiness and look your house neat and clean. 

I personally wash my car every weekend and run my electric pressure washer every week for their better use for prolong life. DIY cleaning always gives me happiness because the cleaning around the house is quite necessary for better health & wellness of my family.

FAQ section of best pressure washer to clean house:

Q.1) How many PSI do I need to pressure wash a house?

Generally, All the home cleaning jobs come under medium-duty cleaning jobs and the 2000 PSI electric pressure washer is considered best for home cleaning jobs.

Q.2) What kind of pressure washer do I need to clean my house?

The maintenance-free electric pressure washer is best to clean the house. in an electric pressure washer, there is no need to fill gasoline again and again and it is most suitable for home use.

Q.3) what is the best pressure washer to buy for home use?

Ryobi RY142300 and Sun Joe SPX3000 is the best Electric pressure washer to clean house that gives value for money. if you are looking for high pressure than go with Simpson megashot MSH3125

Final words

Thus above all pressure washers are best suited for home cleaning jobs. You can select one without any doubt. All these are packed with such nice features. Purchasing it is an all-win situation. I have researched a lot about pressure washers and on the basis of my experience, I have selected the five.

A pressure washer is one of the needed tools for home cleaning jobs, if you don’t use it till now you should buy it without any doubt, it will provide you the professional level DIY cleaning. 

We mark it to be a preferable choice for washing & cleaning for a user who seeks the best pressure washer to clean house and best pressure washer for home use. Everyone looking for a pressure washer that delivers high PSI and GPM that provide faster cleaning, here I didn’t recommend a pressure washer which does not deliver less than 2000 PSI and has all the essential features in it.

If you found this post worthy then share your thoughts in the comment below.

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