Best Time to Buy Pressure Washer in 2023 to Get Maximum Discount

If you’re looking for when to buy a pressure washer and get a discount on the holiday sales and other offer days then this Article on ”Best time to buy pressure washer” is for you. You can save your valuable money by following this guide.

Here, I am sharing some best places that have great deals once or twice in a year, that would be quite helpful for you. 

You can save a Good money if you buy Pressure washer on these days.

Not all pressure washers have this deal, only Some selected bestselling pressure washer models have this deal because famous brands made these models in bulk.

What is the best time of year to buy Pressure washer?

It would be quite beneficial if you buy Lawn and garden tools in the Winter holiday.

In November to December on black Friday and Cyber Monday before Christmas is the best time of year to buy pressure washers. You can get a 40% discount on Some pressure washers of some popular brands.

Christmas is the most celebrated festival worldwide, And almost all electric and digital products have some best deals on these days.

In this festival holiday, a single person has a plan to spend Approx $1000 on home products, gifts, decorative items etc.

Why you should Buy pressure washers on these sales days?

You can crack a good deal if you buy a pressure washer on offer. The 40%  discount is normal these days. I have seen up to 60% on some pressure washers on black Friday and Cyber Monday.

148 million Americans shop on this holiday sale and you can also get the best electric pressure washer for home at cheap rates.

I personally do shopping every year on black friday, cyber monday and thanksgiving day because these days can save my huge money.

Some Best Pressure washer you can Buy on this Time?

Investing money on quality pressure washer makes sense because Pressure washer is the tool that has limited use so it should be run for a long time.

If it is not run for a long time then you selected the wrong pressure washer. Some top brands of pressure washer like Sun joe, Ryobi tools, Karcher, Greenworks, Annovi Reverberi AR blue clean, are some top brands in the pressure washer industry that makes a quality pressure washer for long-lasting use.

If you are going to buy a pressure washer in this holiday time then I seriously say to you don’t look at the other low quality either if they are giving 70 to 80% discount on holiday sales.

To solve your problem and provide value to you I have selected the Best electric pressure washer for you that is designed powerful and has a 40 to 45% discount in the winter sales or festival sales.

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric pressure washer

best cheap pressure washer with great feature and specifications

Sun Joe SPX3000 is an all-time favorite and Bestseller electric pressure washer that has always a huge discount on Amazon, Walmart, and home depot platforms on festival days and Christmas. These days are the best time to buy pressure washers. You can get a 40% discount on Sun Joe SPX3000 if you buy from amazon. 

The Sun Joe SPX3000 comes in the world’s top 10 Pressure washer that is the reason it is a bestseller pressure washer. this is the most powerful pressure washer of this list.

I know you have a question in mind: Why should I buy a Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer? Sun Joe SPX3000 is the bestseller electric pressure washer on every e-commerce platform. The reason for No. 1 is that it is compatible with outstanding features and specifications. That’s the only reason it is the best seller electric pressure washer at an affordable price.

The SPX3000 has a 14.5 AMP universal type motor that forces the water out with the pressure of 2030 PSI pressure at 1.76 GPM. this is the highest GPM electric pressure washer on this list. It is one of the best power washing tools for home cleaning jobs.

This pressure washer comes with a 20 ft long flexible hose and 35 ft long power cord with a GFCI plug. The TSS feature was also included to save power. It has 5 Nozzles included for a variety of cleaning of high and low-pressure jobs. The best time to purchase this pressure washer is in winter holiday sales.

2. AR Blue Clean AR2N1 2050 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

best 2 in 1 electric pressure pressure


The AR2N1 is the medium-duty 2 in 1 pressure washer best for home use. It is a highly portable pressure washer. The 2 in 1 means It is mounted on the cart and you can lift it from the cart and take it anywhere.

Annovi Reverberi is an Italian brand and it is very popular in the United States and Canada. This brand always surprises the consumer by giving a huge discount on festival days. Annovi Reverberi makes the most reliable electric pressure washer.

No other pressure washer can detach from the cart only AR2N1 has this special feature that makes it a highly portable pressure washer.

It is compatible with a 13 AMP motor that delivers 2050 PSI pressure at 1.4 GMP. This pressure washer is known for its faster-cleaning performance. The AR2N1 is quieter than other pressure washers that make it perfect for home use.

It comes with a 25 ft hose and 35 ft long power cord, this length is enough to move all around the cart. The Nozzle accessories include 0°, 15°, 25°, and Soap spray nozzles.

It may be your best deal if you buy this pressure washer that is fitted for home cleaning jobs. its 2 in 1 design makes it the best electric pressure washer for cars.

3. RYOBI RY141820VNM Electric pressure washer

best time of year to buy pressure washer to get dicount

Ryobi RY141820VNM is the most popular pressure washer of Ryobi tools. This pressure has a huge discount throughout the year on amazon shopping. There is no need to see the best time of year to buy the RY141820VNM pressure washer.

This is the lightweight pressure washer of Ryobi that has a very compact design which is easy to handle. It has a powerful 13 AMP motor that is capable of delivering 1800 PSI pressure at 1.2 GPM.

1800 PSI is not the normal pressure, almost all home cleaning jobs can be done under this PSI pressure. Generally a pressure washer is mostly used for washing a car and 1500 PSI is best for cleaning cars, bikes and boats.

It comes with 20 Ft hose length and 35 ft power cord with GFCI Plug. the overall weight of this pressure washer is 18 lbs which are quite easy to take anywhere you want to take them out for cleaning.

To Increase and decrease pressure, Nozzle plays an important role and RY141820VNM comes with a 15°, Soap and Turbo Nozzle. Turbo nozzles are best for any type of cleaning. It cleans faster than a normal size nozzle. 

Overall. These three pressure washers have the best deal throughout the year on Amazing Shopping and Walmart, These high-quality pressure washers have 40 to 60% off holiday sales. Christmas is the best time to buy pressure washer in 2020.

What is the Best Time to pressure wash House?

Hygiene House always gives happiness from inside, it is quite necessary for the better health for the entire family,  

The best time to pressure wash house is in the morning or Noon time when the weather is not too cold. So your house dries properly. Avoid washing a house on rainy days.

The House should be washed twice a year and if you live on a busy road then you should pressure wash the house quarterly.

The pressure washer is the tool that makes your Job easy and provides faster cleaning and saves your time and money as well. 

Pressure washer is the tool that can provide 10 Times faster cleaning compared to garden hose.

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FAQ section of the Best time to buy pressure washer?

Q.1) What is the best pressure washer to buy for home use?

Generally for home cleaning Jobs 1500 to 2000 PSI Medium-duty pressure washer is best and all home cleaning jobs can be done under 2000 PSI. I will suggest you buy a Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer. It is a versatile pressure washer that provides value for money.

Q.2) Who has the best price on pressure washers?

The Sun Joe + Snow Joe has the best electric pressure washer range. Best thing is that all the pressure washers are available in an affordable price range and deliver outstanding performance.

Q.3) What is the best time of year to pressure wash driveways?

You can pressure wash driveways whenever it gets dirty. There is not any recommended time to wash driveways, I personally wash my driveways whenever I wash my car generally I wash my car every weekend by pressure washer.

Final words

Well, here in this post I wrote about when to buy a pressure washer from which platform.

Generally, Amazon is the only place you can get a huge discount on pressure washers. The difference in the price of amazon compared to Walmart and home depot is not too much in normal days but in the winter holiday season shopping from amazon is the best time to buy pressure washers. Here in this post, I suggest the best three pressure washers of 2020 you can buy, This three pressure washer is integrated with all the features that should be available in a quality pressure washer.

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