Generac vs Ryobi pressure washer: which is worth buying?

Generac vs Ryobi pressure washer: which one is best

If you’re looking for the best pressure washer for your home then you’re at the right place. Here in this post, I’ll compare Generac vs Ryobi pressure washer this comparison has enough information to make the right decision for one best pressure washer from the two top-level pressure washers brands.

The Generac and Ryobi are the Biggest competitors of each other.

This comparison of Generac vs Ryobi pressure washer is based on the following points:

  • Brand value 
  • Pressure washer of both brands
  • Product comparison
  • Pressure & Flow rate
  • Market value and user feedback of each pressure washer

Generac and Ryobi pressure washer brands both design powerful pressure washers that give value to the user and run for long-lasting. Generac mainly focuses on the gas pressure washer compared to electric while Ryobi mainly focuses on electric compared to gas pressure washers. 

If you’re confused between electric vs gas pressure washer then I would say electric pressure washer is best for medium duty home cleaning jobs and gas pressure washer is known for giving a powerful performance.

Electric pressure washers are economical while you have to invest more money for gas pressure washers.

Generac Vs Ryobi Pressure Washer: Which one is best?

No doubt both the brands are best globally and manufactures quality pressure washers but better to compare their pressure washers that will give us the quick results which one is best.

For this comparison post, I have spent seven days and researched a lot. I went to my friend and neighbors that are using these brands’ pressure washers and took their review.  

Let’s start the comparison of Ryobi vs Generac pressure washer:

Generac Pressure washer: The Power to clean

Generac was founded in 1959 and first manufactures generators after some years they also design power washers (gas pressure washers). Now making both electric and gas pressure washer.

Generac makes gas pressure washers at affordable prices and Generac pressure washers are known for delivering outstanding performance that gives a great value for their users.

let’s check the Generac pressure washers

1. Generac 7954 Gas pressure washer

generac and ryobi both are the best pressure washer brand

The 7954 gas pressure is one of the best gas pressure washers of Generac. That’s the reason it is the best-selling gas pressure of the Generac brand. 

The Generac 7954 is compatible with a powerful 196cc Generac OHV engine with an axial cam pump that delivers 2900 PSI pressure at the flow rate of 2.4 GPM. The total cleaning power of this pressure washer is 6960 cleaning units. 

The 2900 PSI pressure is enough to clean Medium-high duty home cleaning jobs. With this pressure, you can target to clean up to a two-story house from the bottom.

This gas pressure washer comes with a 25 ft long high-pressure flexible hose and 12 inches never-flat wheels for easy maneuverability.

A half-gallon detergent tank is compatible for easy cleaning of oil and grease stains and other stubborn stains. The nozzle accessories include four quick-connect spray nozzles which are 0° 25° 40° and soap nozzles for a variety of cleaning jobs.

The other feature included with this pressure washer is easy to access the control of the engine, you can on/off, apply choke, and turn off fuel when it is needed.

Overall, this Five-star review pressure washer of Generac is the best gas pressure washer. One of my neighbors has this gas pressure washer and he is satisfied with the performance.

Buying this gas pressure washer is always a worthwhile decision.

2. Generac 8887 Electric Pressure Washer 

best generac electric pressure washer

If you are looking for the most powerful electric pressure washer of the Generac brand then 8887 is made for you. It is best in performance and gives value to their user. The Generac electric pressure washer is economical and runs for a very long time. 

The best thing about this pressure washer is that it is compatible with a Brushless induction motor. Brushless induction motors are made powerful and sturdy and known for delivering outstanding performance. 

The 8887 delivers 2300 PSI pressure at the flow rate of 1.2 GPM. The total cleaning power of this pressure washer is 2760 cleaning units. Which is quite good for an electric pressure washer.

This power washer is compatible with the TSS feature, The total stop system is the best feature of an electric pressure washer in which the pump and motor stop when the gun trigger is not engaged. This actually saves electricity.

The high-pressure flexible hose is 25 ft long and nozzle accessories include four different nozzles. 

This is the best electric pressure washer of Generac pressure washer that has all the needy features that should be available in a quality pressure washer.

Ryobi pressure washer: Power tools

Ryobi makes so many tools and equipment and the pressure washer is one of them. Ryobi tools are known for their quality performance. If you’re looking to invest your money in a Ryobi pressure washer then you’re going in the right direction.

Ryobi has been making pressure washers for a long time, they make pressure washers sturdy from inside as well as from outside. It is the one reason Ryobi pressure washers are costlier than any other pressure washer brands.

Buying Ryobi pressure washers is always the worth decision but when you compare Generac or Ryobi pressure washers then you have to think about that.

1. Ryobi Ry142300 Electric pressure washer

ryobi and generac both design quality pressure washer

RY142300 is one of the bestselling electric pressure washers of Ryobi brand. This versatile pressure washer is mounted on the kart and looks like a gas pressure washer.  This pressure washer competes with the gas pressure.

The reason behind the powerful performance of this pressure washer is because it is compatible with a 13 AMP Brushless induction motor. This pressure washer looks quite sturdy.

This Ryobi pressure washer forces out the water at 2300 PSI pressure at the flow rate of 1.2 GPM. The total cleaning power of this pressure washer is 2760 cleaning units.

You can perform all types of medium-high duty home cleaning jobs like cleaning oil & grease stains, muds, driveways, cars, bikes, dust and dirt, etc. except two-story siding of your home.

It is compatible with a 25 ft long high-pressure flexible hose and 35 ft long power cord with a GFCI plug to avoid shock. This length of hose and cable is enough to move all around the car while cleaning.

I personally like the Ryobi RY142300 pressure washer because of its versatile performance. 

Between Generac Vs Ryobi Pressure Washer: Who is the winner?

We compared the products of both brands and found both are good pressure washer companies that manufacture quality pressure washers. As per me, Generac is best for gas pressure washers because they have been making gas pressure washers for a very long time. 

Ryobi is best for electric pressure washers and Ryobi RY142300 is the people’s choice best electric pressure washer. RY142300 is the highest selling electric pressure washer.

Finally, if I have to recommend a gas pressure washer then I would suggest you go with Generac 7954 gas pressure washer. It is made for delivering high-pressure and you can perform all types of your home cleaning jobs with it. High PSI cleans quicker and I love to clean with high pressure, pressure washer.

If I have to recommend an electric pressure washer then I would suggest you go with Ryobi RY142300 brushless induction pressure washer. It delivers 2300 PSI pressure and is designed quite user-friendly. 

No doubt it is the best electric pressure and highest-selling electric pressure washer in various marketplaces.

Q.1) Is Generac a good brand of pressure washer?

Yes, Generac makes a reliable gas pressure washer that are worth buying.

Q.2) Is Ryobi pressure washer any good?

Ryobi is a trustable brand for electric pressure washers that are popular worldwide and their pressure washer is the best value for money

Final words about Generac and Ryobi pressure washer

In this post, we have compared the pressure washer of both brands. The winner of this battle is Generac 7954 gas pressure washer. Because the cleaning power of this pressure washer is quite high as compared to other pressures of this battle. 

You can perform all types of home cleaning jobs with Generac 7954 gas pressure washer. The design of this pressure washer is quite good and this pressure gives best value for money to their users.

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