Generac Vs Simpson Pressure washer: Which one is Best?

generac vs simpson pressure washer are the biggest competitor of each others.

If you are getting confused & seeking a comparison between Generac vs Simpson pressure washer then you are at the right place.

Here you’ll get an in-depth comparison between these two popular brands of pressure washer.

Both these Brands manufactures quality gas pressure washers and both are expert in making gas pressure washers. 

Selecting one best from two is always a difficult task. A pressure washer is a Tool, you buy once, so the decision should be perfect.  

This comparison between Generac and Simpson pressure washer is based on the following terms:

  • Product of both the brands (their Pressure washer)
  • Feature and specifications
  • Price of the pressure washer
  • My review and customer feedback
  • Pros and Cons

So let’s get started!

Generac Vs Simpson Pressure Washer: Which is worth your money?

A pressure washer has become one of the needy tools for home cleaning jobs, I enjoy a lot cleaning with a pressure washer. It cleans 10 times faster compared to a garden hose, it saves time and provides hygiene around the home which is quite much needed for the better health of the family.

There is not too much difference in the price in Generac and Simpson pressure washer, the price is genuine and worth buying.

By these gas pressure washer high-pressure jobs like concrete driveways, lawns and gardens, two-story vinyl siding, oil and grease stains, pool tile, and any other stubborn stains. you can perform such jobs faster compared to electric pressure washers.

Let’s see the features and key specifications of both brands pressure washer 

Generac pressure washer Overview

Generac is one of the oldest brands which is found in 1959, it usually makes the generators and gas pressure washer is the part of it. it is the Number one gas pressure washer brand or home generator. Buying the Generac gas pressure washer should be the perfect decision. Most of the best Generac pressure washer is under $500

Generac 7122 Speed wash

generac or simpson pressure washer both manufacture quality pressure washer

The 7122 is the premium pressure washer of the Generac brand,  it provides faster-cleaning performance. 

The 7122 is compatible with a powerful 196cc OHV engine and Brass head axial cam pump that forces the water out from 3200 PSI pressure at 2.7 GPM (gallon per minute). The total cleaning power of this pressure washer is 8640 cleaning units. 

It comes with a 25 ft kink start non-marring high-pressure hose, the nozzle accessories include 0°, 25°, 40° soap, and turbo nozzle. 

It also comes with a ‘’power Broom’’ that covers the 12-inch surface wash. It provides 4 times faster cleaning than any other nozzles and can be used especially for Fecks, patios, driveways, and sidewalks. 

The feature I most like in Generac 7122 is easy adjusting high low pressure from a power dial spray gun. 

The brand adds a lot of cleaning attachment to make this pressure washer awesome and this pressure washer is excellent and provides you faster-cleaning performance and saves your time. Choosing this pressure washer for your home is always a wise decision.

Generac 8874 Pressure washer

simpson Vs Generac pressure washer are the two best pressure washer companies

The 8874 is another best gas pressure washer of Generac that delivers outstanding performance and runs for a long time. This residential pressure washer has Positive reviews and feedback. The user gave 4.5 stars out of 5 to 8874 power washers.

The price of this pressure washer is budget friendly that anyone can afford.

The Generac 8874 is compatible with a powerful 196 cc Generac OHV engine and axial cam pump that delivers 2900 PSI pressure at 2.4 GPM. The total cleaning power is 5800 cleaning units. This cleaning power is capable of any type of medium-high duty cleaning jobs. 

This pressure can reach up to two-story vinyl siding.  The Nozzle accessories include  0°, 25°, 40° soap, you can perform any type of high medium cleaning jobs with these nozzles.

Overall, performance-wise this pressure is worth buying, the design is user-friendly and built heavily from inside as well as outside.

Simpson Pressure Washer Overview

Simpson pressure washer is the most popular gas pressure washer brand worldwide. Their pressure washer is built heavily from inside as well as from outside. There is a big range of Simpson power washers available, all are designed epic. The Megashot is the most favored series of a power washer. The best-selling gas pressure washer comes from Simpson cleaning.

Simpson Megashot MSH3125 (Bestseller gas pressure washer)

simpson msh3125 is the best gas pressure washer till date

The Simpson Megashot MSH3125 is my personal favorite not because it is a best seller but it is quieter and design very sturdy and delivers powerful performance.

it is compatible with a honda engine and OEM technology axial cam pump that forces the water out with 3200 psi pressure and at the flow rate of 2.5 GPM. the total cleaning power of MSH3125 is 8000 cleaning units.

In 8000 cleaning units, you can target two-story vinyl siding from the bottom, with this cleaning units every cleaning job can be performed and you can save your precious time.

I have seen the performance of MSH3125 and it is just simply awesome, investing money on such kind of pressure washer is always be a worth decision.

the whole unit is fixed on a welded heavy-duty steel frame, the two 10 inches pneumatic tires make it highly portable gas pressure washer.

it comes with a 25 ft long nonmarring flexible hose which is enough to move all around the car without touching the man unit. The nozzle accessories include 5 quick connect spray nozzles which are 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° soap nozzles.

Simpson Cleaning MS60763-S Megashot gas pressure washer

quick comparison between generac and simpson pressure washer

The brand Simpson cleaning is the universal boss of a gas pressure washer, and selecting the pressure washer from these brands would be a good decision. 

The MS60763-s is one of the best pressure washers of the Megashot series. It is more powerful and provides faster cleaning performance in each wash. 

This Megashot series pressure washer is compatible with Kohler RH265 Premium Engine which is quieter and delivers great cleaning performance. It delivers 3100 PSI pressure at 2.4 GPM. The total cleaning performance of this pressure washer is 7440 cleaning units which is huge for any gasoline pressure washer.

The MS60762-S is constructed on a heavy steel frame that looks very beautiful. it provides 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° soap nozzles for a variety of cleaning jobs. it also provides a 25 ft morflex non-marring hose.

Well if you select this pressure washer for your home cleaning jobs then it would be the best deal because the performance is this pressure washer is tested and users give it very positive feedback and best review. 

Simpson cleaning CM61083 

Simpson or generac are the most trusted gas pressure washer company

It is another best high PSI gas pressure of Simpson cleaning. The CM61083 is the best cold-water residential gas pressure washer. In features and performance, the CM61083 is more powerful than MS60763.

To maximize the performance of CM61083, it is equipped with OEM technology axial cam pump, and a powerful Simpson OHV engine.

This Simpson pressure washer delivers 3400 PSI pressure at 2.5 GPM, the total cleaning power of this pressure washer is 8500 cleaning units. Getting such high PSI & GPM at affordable prices forces buyers to buy CM6103.

It comes with a 25 Ft long high PSI flexible M22 Morflex hose and the nozzle accessories include 0°, 15°, 40°, and a soap nozzle that makes it the best gas pressure washer for cleaning cars.

CM61083 is an easy to start, maintenance-free, high resistant pressure washer. This versatile pressure washer is the complete solution of medium-high duty cleaning jobs.   

Between Simpson and Generac Pressure washer: which is best for home cleaning Jobs?

We have looked at the two-two best pressure of both Simpson and Generac pressure washers. Feature-wise all four are best for home cleaning jobs because all the home cleaning jobs can be done under 2500 PSI except two-story vinyl siding and concrete driveways. 

The two-story vinyl siding house and concrete driveways require a pressure washer that delivered 3000 PSI pressure. Here all the pressure washers in this list deliver 3000 PSI washers. All are the best gas pressure washers for home cleaning jobs. 

You can select the best gas pressure washer according to your need, if your house has a garden and lawn area choose the pressure that delivers High PSI and GPM in this list.   

Generac or Simpson pressure washer: who is the winner?

It is quite a tough job for an editor to declare one winner in the comparison when both the pressure washers give tough competition to each other. That’s the only reason we compared the products of each brand. 

I am writing about the pressure washer for many years and according to my research, I have found that Generac pressure washer is the winner in this battle because their pressure is more powerful compared to Simpson. 

Simpson is also the best gas pressure washer company and makes very authentic gas pressure and it gives very tough competition to Generac. 

Generac is the company that makes their own engine while Simpson cleaning assembles the Different company’s engines in their pressure washer.

Both the pressure washer companies are best but performance-wise generac is more better than Simpson.

Generac pressure washers are the great at the best price.

Frequently asked questions around Simpson and Generac pressure washer

Q.1) What is the warranty of the Generac pressure washer?

The Generac pressure washer provides a 3 years limited parts warranty on each and every pressure washer. The warranty starts from the date of purchase. 

Q.2) Where are Simpson pressure washers made?

The Engine of Simpson pressure washer is made in Chennai India and the whole Simpson pressure washer is assembled or manufactured in the USA. The FNA group took over Simpson cleaning company in 2006.

Q.3) is Generac made in china?

No, Generac is a completely American-based company which was founded in 1959, they made their own engine and other parts of pressure washers.

Final thoughts about Generac vs Simpson Pressure washer

Finding the best pressure washer from two brands is always a tough decision, To make it easy we compared their products in one article so you can compare and choose the best gas pressure washer for you. The competition between Generac vs Simpson pressure washer is always tough but if I have to decide the one winner pressure washer from the above four then I will suggest you go with Generac 7122 speed wash pressure washer. 

It is the complete solution for high medium-duty cleaning jobs and provides great value for money. Investing money on 7122 Speed wash will always be a great deal.

If you have any queries in mind feel free to ask your queries in the comment section.

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