What is a good PSI for Pressure Washer? (With PSI Chart)

2000 is Good psi for pressure washer

If you’re looking for what is a good PSI for pressure washer then you are at the right place. Here you’ll learn all about Good PSI and GPM for every home cleaning Jobs.

Every cleaning job requires different pressure, the more pressure can spoil or make conditions worse. For example, good PSI for washing a car is 1500 to 1800 PSI pressure, if you wash with 3000 PSI that it can damage the color of the car. 

For home cleaning Jobs like washing cars, muddy bikes, patio furniture, siding, barbeque, windows, gardens, lawns, driveways, vinyl siding, fencing, Roofs, deck, parking lots, cladding. These jobs are medium-duty home cleaning jobs. A medium-duty electric pressure washer that delivers 2000 PSI is best suited for jobs like these.

An 1800 to 2000 PSI pressure washer with a flow rate of 1.4 to 1.8 GPM is the best pressure washer. I will recommend you to go for electric because it is quieter and has very low maintenance compared to the gas pressure washer. 

I am not saying the gas pressure washer is the worst but for the home, my choice is electric because in an electric pressure washer there is no headache to fill gasoline for every wash.

For the home cleaning Jobs, you can use up to 3000 PSI. If you have high pressure then washing with distance can solve the problems.

What to look in a Good pressure washer?

In a good or a quality pressure washer not only PSI matter, you have to look at each and every aspect before choosing a good pressure washer for you. Always spend money on the perfect pressure washer that is manufactured for long-lasting use. You should look at the following features and specifications.


The terminology uses PSI (pounds per square inch) & GPM (Gallon per minute). 

No doubt, PSI and GPM are important parts of a good pressure washer because the higher the PSI and GPM than the more powerful and efficient the pressure washer is. 


All working and output pressure in an electric pressure washer depends on how powerful your Motor is because the Motor drives the pump and the pump forces the water out with pressure. 

In quality and good electric pressure washer, 13 to 14 AMP motor is best either it is Brushless induction or universal type motor.

Usually, Brushless induction motor is better than universal type motor.


Like motor in electric,  Engine placed in a gas pressure washer that is run by gasoline, the engine is heavy compared to a motor that is the reason gas pressure washer delivers higher pressure compared to the electric pressure washer. Always look for heavier engines in a gas pressure washer.


The hose is another important part of a pressure washer or power washer and it should be long and flexible. 

Avoid the pressure washer that provides the shortest hose length. The length must be approx 20 to 25 ft long so you can move all around your car.

It should be a more flexible not stiff, flexible hose easily coiled up and stored after every use.


According to the user perspective, the pressure washer must be portable, It should be compatible with long tires so you don’t have to lift it after every use. 

More features require more money if your pocket is tight then you can go with the best small electric pressure washer.

Pressure washer PSI chart: That Help you select Good PSI for pressure washer for you

Each Job requires a different pressure range, Use different spray nozzles for different jobs for effective cleaning. You may be up or down for any job but pressure washer PSI for cars should not go beyond. 

You should know about the pressure washer PSI chart before buying or selecting a pressure washer. This chart will help you out if you don’t need too much pressure so why to invest too much in a high PSI pressure washer

Most of the jobs are covered under 2000 PSI pressure, for that you can select the best pressure washer for you.  

Higher the PSI than more powerful your pressure washer is

Cleaning JobsRecommended Pressure 
Fencing 2000-2200
Patio furniture 1800-2000
Garage Floors2200-3000
Concrete Driveway2000-3000
Deck 2000-2500
Vinyl Siding2000-3000
2-story vinyl siding2500-3000
Gardens 1200-1500
Stains 2000-2500
Grimes 2500-3000

Hope these pressure washer PSI chart help you to choose the right PSI pressure washer for you. 

Pressure washer GPM chart

GPM is an important part of the pressure washer, Gpm of pressure washer shows how much gallon water forces it out in a minute. The cleaning power of the pressure washer depends on the GPM.

Cleaning power = PSI x GPM

Well, GPM or (flow rate) may vary according to pressure washers. Different pressure washers have different GPM.

Higher the GPM, more powerful the pressure washer is.

Every Brand of pressure washer gives different GPM (gallon per minute). 

Pressure washer GPM
Sun Joe SPX30001.7
Ryobi  RY1423001.2
AR Blue clean R383S1.3
Sun Joe SPX35001.4
Karcher K51.4
Greenworks GPW20051.2
AR Blue clean AR2N11.4
Stanley SHP21501.4

What PSI pressure washer do I need?

We have seen in the pressure washer PSI chart that most of the jobs are done under the 2000 PSI pressure. The 2000 PSI is not less, it’s quite high, You can’t Aim the wand At anyone with that pressure.

I personally use 2300 PSI electric pressure washers of a well-known brand for my home use and it’s running well for the last 3 years without creating any problem.

You can also select the best electric pressure washer for home use, that delivers up to 2000 PSI at 1.2 to 1.8 GPM. A pressure washer is a tool that always gives you joy while cleaning and makes your cleaning easy. 

FAQ around good PSi for pressure washer?

Q.1) What is a good psi for a pressure washer for car?

A Pressure washer is major used only to wash a car because no one like the dirt and droppings on car. To wash the dirt, droppings, stains, the good psi for pressure washer is 1500-1800 PSI

Q.2) Does a pressure washer need water pressure?

Yes of course, the pressure washer needs water pressure up to 2000 PSI which is quite less. But do keep in mind before starting the pressure washer on first the tap water and wait till it goes to the pump. Then after start the pressure washer it increases the lifespan of the pump.

Q.3) Is 1500 PSI pressure washer is enough?

Well 1500 PSI is not a bad pressure so many house cleaning jobs may covered under this pressure, it is enough but there is not too much difference in the price of 1500 and 2000 PSI pressure washers. We  invest one time in pressure washer so i’ll recommend you to go for 2000 PSI pressure washer.

Final words

Hope you get the complete information about what is good PSI for pressure washer, in this post, I completely guide you about the whole theory of pressure and GPM through Pressure washer PSI chart and through Pressure washer GPM chart. 

A 2000 PSI is a good and perfect pressure washer for home but if you are looking for higher pressure then you should take the up to 2500 to 3000 PSI pressure washer because higher pressure makes your cleaning job quick and easy.  

If you have any query related to this post then do comment below.

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