How to clean an area rug with Pressure washer? Step by Step Guide

Do you want to learn how to clean an area rug with pressure washer? No need to give it to others, you can deep clean the rug yourself easily by following the steps given in this post. 

Cleaning an area rug is always a tough task but if you have the best pressure washer then it can make your job easy. 

Every two to three months, the time has come when the vacuum doesn’t work on the rug. That is the time for cleaning the rug.

learn how to clean an area rug with pressure washer by following these 7 steps

As per me, The area rug needs to be cleaned once in three months to keep it in good condition. 

If it is not cleaned on time then the condition may be worse.

Follow this steps Befoe to avoid damage of Expensive rug

  • Area rug is made of silk and cotton thread. If you wash it with a high PSI pressure washer then high output pressure can damage the rug. The pressure required to clean an area rug should be 1200 to 1500 PSI. 
  • Use a wider nozzle tip 25° green color nozzle or soap nozzle, these nozzles are low pressure nozzles.
  • If you have a high 3000 PSI pressure washer then you can load a 25° nozzle and target the Rug from a distance to avoid damage.
  • The layout should be free from screws and nuts.
  • Don’t use floor cleaning brush or wire brush to clean rug the brush bristles should be soft and smooth

Deep cleaning Detergents for washing Rugs

Check the detergent before use on the rug, some high phosphate detergent or shampoo can damage the fabric of rug. 

Some professional shampoo and detergents made only for deep cleaning of an area rug:

How to clean an Area Rug with Pressure washer Step by Step

Pressure wash indoor rug is just simple, you have to follow 7 easy steps for a brighter look of the rug. No need for a carpet cleaning service. You have to spend some time to give a newer look to the rug.

Step #1: Choose outdoor location

The location should be outdoor and sunrise time is best for cleaning your rug. 

Choose a flat surface for cleaning, the concrete driveway and forecourt is a good place to clean properly. The location should be free from dirt, dust, and debris. I use my concrete driveway area to clean my area rug.

If you have a wooden deck then it could be better than a concrete driveway.

Step #2: Gather all the required cleaning stuff at cleaning area

Equipment required to clean area rug

  1. Water availability
  2. Medium duty Pressure washer 
  3. Low pressure nozzle soap and 25° (green) color nozzle
  4. Soft scrubber 
  5. Rug shampoo, detergent and pet stain remover (if you have a pet).

Step #3: Layout your Rug 

First of all, lay out the rug, the rug will be full of dust from inside if it is not clean for a long time. Use a vacuum to collect dust, dirt, debris, and loose soil.

You can use a broom if you don’t have a vacuum to set aside dust, dirt, and debris.

If you skip this step then cleaning the rug with a pressure washer will take more time. 

Step #4: Prepare the detergent & Connect pressure washer

If the pressure washer is compatible with the detergent tank or soap tank then directly fill the liquid soap in it. 

Nowadays Most of the best electric pressure washers come with a 1-liter detergent tank to make the job easy.

If the pressure washer doesn’t have the detergent tank then you can simply prepare detergent or cleaner in the bucket with the ratio of 1:5 (detergent: water).

Connect your pressure washer with a garden hose and connection plug, load a black color soap nozzle at the top of the wand. 

Step #5: Wash the Rug

Switch on the pressure washer and set it on the soap mode for automatically mixing of soap and water. 

Now start to wet the area rug horizontally and target step by step and complete the whole area rug. Give enough time for deep cleaning if the rug has food stains, wine stains, and pet stains. 

After getting completely wet, scrub it from the scrubber with light hands.

If the spot is not going after scrubbing, apply only detergent with no water and scrub. Leave it for 3 to 4 minutes.

Step #6: Rinse the rug completely

Change the nozzle of the pressure washer from soap to 25° (green) color nozzle. And target the wand close with the Rug.

After applying detergent on stubborn stains, now it’s time to rinse the whole area rug.

Rinse horizontally in steps or in a zigzag manner. 

Repeat the rinsing process again for complete cleaning of the area rug with a pressure washer.

Step #7: Let the Rug Dry

Most of the people have queries in mind about how to dry clean rugs at home? This step is the solution for their query. Drying a rug is part of the cleaning process.

For the drying area rug, make sure the drying place is clean and free from dirt so the rug doesn’t get dirty again. 

Find the spot near with proper sun and wind and hang an area rug there. 

If the weight of the wet rug is more then first lay it on the clean slope area so water gets down 

After some time you can hang it for proper drying from both sides.

The drying process requires a sunny climate to dry quickly.

How to clean a large area rug with pet urine?

A guide for area rug cleaning with pet urine

If your rug stinks pet urine then you have to follow the above same steps to clean the rug the only one step you have to add on it to avoid stinks. 

Applying a pet odor eliminator, can destroy pet urine stinks from this eliminator. It is also known as an enzyme stain cleaner.

You can apply this pet odor cleaner before washing or before performing step #5. 

Frequently Asked questions about cleaning area rug

Q.1) How to clean the bottom of an area rug?

First of all, clean the front area. After that, fold half the rug and wash through the pressure washer and repeat this process from the other side. Cleaning the bottom of the area rug is easy compared to the front side.

Q.2) What is the easiest way to clean an area rug?

The easiest way to clean an area rug is with a pressure washer. Washing an area rug manually can take more time.

Q.3) How can I make my rug look new again?

Follow the above steps and use good shampoo or cleaner, definitely, it will give a brighter look to the rug. The rug will shine like new again. No need for higher professionals for washing rugs.


Congratulations! You have learned how to clean an area rug with pressure washer. By following these seven easy steps you can give the newer look to your area rug. You need cleaning stuff and a quality cleaner to wash. This process of cleaning can take 2 hours or more. It totally depends on you (the drying process is not included in it). 

Hope you take action after reading this article.

If you have any queries regarding pressure wash of area rug then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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