How to Clean pool tile with Pressure Washer? Step by Step Guide

Hey if you are looking for tips and tricks of How to clean pool tile with a pressure washer safely & quickly then you are at the right place. A dirty pool with calcium deposits looks quite bad and cleaning pools with hands takes too much time. An electric pressure washer is a solution to all your worries about cleaning because it provides the fastest cleaning with high pressure and saves your time.

Making a pool in the house is common In the USA & UK because swimming gives you relaxation from the daily hustle and improves your working efficiency.

For effective pool tile cleaning, you have to follow some steps, applying acid to Pool tile is the part of this method so also follow some safety precautions that I will tell you in this post. 

Properly maintaining your pool enhances their life and gives it a perfect look.

You can clean your pool with the following methods:

  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Muriatic acid 
  • Pumice Stone

Why does calcium deposit occur in a pool tile?

The hardness of water is the main cause of calcium deposits in pools. The water hardness over 400 PPM causes calcium scaling over the waterline. 

If you allow a high PH value of water in the pool then you will see the calcium deposit increase over the waterline. You can see Sometimes the calcium deposit covers algae.

In the summer season, the water temperature increases and water evaporates because of that the calcium deposits formed over the water layer. It is another common cause of calcium deposits.

Pressure washer is the tool that cleans calcium deposits effectively from the swimming pool tiles.

Why should you clean the Calcium deposit from the Pool tiles?

how to clean pool tile with pressure washer

Of Course, If you love swimming then making a pool in the home is the best thing of life. The Pool increases the beauty of the home but it requires maintenance to look clean every time.

Generally, the white color calcium deposit reduces the beauty of your pool and looks weird. These deposits increase with time naturally if you don’t clean it timely.

In a pool, these calcium deposits may come in contact with water and are covered with Green color algae. This algae looks strange and forces you to not come to the Pool. This is the dark side of Pool if you don’t clean it timely.

You can get away from this hurdle if you regularly Rinse with the pressure washer once in a month. Generally, with a pressure washer, it takes 10 minutes to clean. A pressure washer is a quite needy tool if you have a pool at your home.

How to Clean Pool Tile with Pressure Washer? – Best method DIY

I have a small pool at my home and I follow the same process to clean the pool tile with my sun joe SPX3000 pressure washer.  Because I don’t like dirty pools and mineral and calcium deposits.

Required pool tile cleaning Equipment

For the Effective cleaning of Pool tile with pressure washer you also need Nylon Brush, Pumice Stone. 

If you don’t have a pressure washer you can rent it but if you have Pool at your home then a pressure washer should have your own, because it is one of the needed tools for effective cleaning or blasting calcium deposits.

You also need the stainer to remove outside  leaf, algae, calcium 

Step by step guide of Pool cleaning ”without drainage of water

Step 1: You don’t need to drain water to clean your Pool, First of all, you have to wet all the calcium deposits over the water layer through maximum pressure. From What maximum pressure your pressure washer can be able to deliver.

Step 2: Note that the pressure should not be more than 3000 PSI because 3000 PSI pressure is too high it can break your tile if you wash with too close or if the tile is placed weaker. 

Step 3: Secondly, scrub the deposits from Nylon scrubber or Pumice stone, scrub in the section for better results. after the scrubbing again pressure wash with high pressure. You can also use wet cloth or sponge to clean deposits.

Step 4: Use a small pore stainer to remove all the deposits from the pool.

Step 5: Now your Pool tile will look brighter than before. If the cleaning is not done properly then you should repeat the process again. 

if you are looking for how to clean calcium deposits from swimming pool tiles without drainage of water then this method will definitely work and clean the deposits without any headache of drainage of water.

Step by step guide of pool cleaning ”with drainage of water

Step 1: It is the long process but should be done once a year for the better usability of your swimming pool Because of calcium deposits in the pool tile becomes slippery.

Step 2: Firstly drain water from the pool from the exit way of the swimming pool. Wait some time to drain properly, Now wipe all the debris from the pool and enter your pressure washer inside the pool.

Step 3: wash your all tile with maximum pressure but if you are using a commercial pressure washer then pressure should not be more than 3000 PSI. The 80% of your deposits will be cleaned with a first wash. 

Step 4: Now for the remaining hard deposit, you can use calcium releaser/acid for the complete cleaning. Apply the calcium cleaner/acid to the deposits, Rest 5 minutes and scrub from the scrubber. Clean in sections for better cleaning.

Which pressure washer is best for cleaning Pool tile?

You can either use an electric or gas pressure washer which one you have available. Both types of pressure washers work the same. 

Generally, for cleaning pool tile 2000 PSI to 2500 PSI pressure is considered best. You can also use up to 3000 PSI.

You have to use a pressure washer before and after applying the cleaning agent. The best electric pressure washer for cleaning a pool tile is a medium-duty pressure washer. Which you can use for all types of home cleaning jobs. 

I have written a single post on the best electric pressure washer for cleaning pool tile, you can check and Know which pressure washer is best suited for pool cleaning and other home cleaning jobs. To target to read the features and specifications.

the most powerful electric pressure washer to clean pool tile

Methods of Cleaning Pool tile by different cleaner

How to clean a Pool tile with vinegar?

If you are finding the simple and best way to clean a Pool tile with a pressure washer then cleaning the pool tile with vinegar may also work for you. 

Vinegar is the best option for any type of cleaning because vinegar contains acetic agents that remove calcium deposits and other mineral deposits, dirt, oil & grease stains.

You can apply on to the calcium deposits surface and clean with a sponge or cloth. Vinegar has the capability to clean any type of dirt, grime and deposits faster and quicker.

Generally, white distilled vinegar is considered best for cleaning calcium deposits, don’t use colored vinegar for cleaning. The best part of cleaning pool tile with white distilled vinegar is that it will not leave stains on tile.

The white distilled vinegar has a 5 to 6% acetic acid level, the same as compared to many branded cleaners available in the market.

You can make a cleaning formula on your own, mix 1 cup distilled vinegar with half gallon water, you can also mix lime with that to make it more effective.

How to clean a Pool tile with muriatic acid?

Cleaning Pool tile with muriatic acid is quite effective but you have to follow some safety precautions on using it. Muriatic acid is hydrochloric acid, it is quite a strong acid and used mainly for household cleaning Jobs. 

Generally, there is no permission to give it purely to the consumer so producers dilute it and deliver it to the consumer. It is quite hard after dilution.

You can follow the same process with clean a pool tile with muriatic acid but wear safety gloves and goggle before using muriatic acid. 

Apply directly muriatic acid on the pool tile with a long handle scrubber and scrub with it. After applying on the tile rest at least 5 minutes and clean with a pressure washer from 2000 PSI pressure. 

In this process of muriatic acid, the pressure washer plays a major role before and after applying the muriatic acid. The pressure will clean all your calcium and mineral deposits on the pool tile. 

Clean this process in sections of tile better to follow all acidic processes with drainage of water otherwise, it can mix with pool water and harm you. 

cleaning a pool tile with baking soda and pressure washer?

Baking soda is the most common agent for cleaning and availability is quite easy. Most of the women use baking soda for kitchen cleaning. You can either use it for Pool tile cleaning.

To make the baking soda recipe mix one part of baking soda and three-part of water for cleaning pool tile.

First, wet all your dirt and deposits through a pressure washer, and apply the baking soda with a sponge or cloth soaked with baking soda water recipe. 

After that scrub through Nylon scrubber. Scrub in the sections tightly. During scrubbing, you will see that white calcium deposit particles will move with their place.

Next load the turbo nozzle or any other high pressure nozzle and rinse with clean water with maximum pressure of your pressure washer. 

How to clean a Pool tile with pumice stone?

Wash all the tile through water and lightly rub all the pool tile through Pumice stone. Washing hardly with a pumice stone can scratch your tile therefore don’t become aggressive while rubbing Pumice stone.

Pumice stone is used where hard calcium and mineral deposits occur. Don’t wash your whole pool tile with a pumice stone.  

First rubbing with pumice stone washes your tile with a pressure washer. According to me, your 80% cleaning may be done in the first wash.

Now you have to repeat the same process for a second. You can also use vinegar or baking soda process with this method for an adequate wash of your tile.  

FAQ – Clean Pool tile with pressure washer?

Q.1) Can you use a pressure washer to clean tile?

Yes of course pressure is the tool that is made for high-pressure cleanings like pool cleaning and other medium-high duty home cleaning Jobs. A pressure washer delivers 10 times more pressure compared to a garden hose that saves your time and providing you effective cleaning.

Q.2) will a pressure washer remove calcium from pool tile?

The pressure washer that delivers 2000 PSI pressure can remove the calcium deposit and other mineral deposits easily. You can use a turbo nozzle and other high pressure spray nozzles to clean the pool tile effectively.

Q.3) What is the best way to remove calcium deposits from Pool tile?

Remove calcium deposit from the pool tile is not rocket science, you can apply the Vinegar/muriatic acid/baking soda/calcium cleaner and scrub with scrubber after performing this rinse with high pressure through a pressure washer then all deposits will clean and pool tile will shine like new. 

Final words

With the above detail you can select one and perform your cleaning, all the methods are easy to apply. You can clean pool with or without drainage of water from the pool depending on how dirty your pool is. Hope you will get the answer of how to clean pool tile with pressure washer for any related queries you can comment below. 

All the methods mentioned above are tested and performed before on a Pool at home. Cleaning tile with vinegar, baking soda and muriatic acid is cost friendly while cleaning with branded cleaner is costly. 

Every method you perform on the cleaning pool you will get the result. If you performed a cleaning Job of your pool after reading this post then do comment below about your experience and cleaning results.

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