How to Start A Pressure Washing Business in 2021

Hey, are you looking for How to start a Pressure washing business? & want to know all about this outdoor cleaning business. Then you’re at the right place. 

Here in this informative post, I’ll reveal a complete pressure washing business start up kit and strategy to take this business to the next level.

This business looks quite simple but you have to update yourself timely to become successful. A lot of people saw it as a part-time weekend business but it is far better than that. 

A complete guide of how to start a pressure washing business in 2021

There is a huge opportunity and a good income can be made if you do it full time.

The Best thing is that starting this business requires less investment compared to others and the profit is more in less time. Doers are making $1000 a day and you can do the same with this easy startup.

To start a legal limited liability pressure washing company (LLC) & all needed paperwork and EIN number, register for hassle-free filling.

Register Worry Free LLC formation service

What is the Pressure Washing Business?

It is a business in which you have to provide the best cleaning service by cleaning home exterior that includes the cleaning of driveway, Exterior siding, pool cleaning, windows, garages, cars, deck or patio, gas stations, restaurants & bars, etc.

You need a professional license required by states and municipalities for legal entrepreneurship. LLC is the best option for start up a sole proprietorship. 

The startup cost of the pressure washing business in 2021 is low and the best thing is that the cash flow starts from day 1.

Buy or Rent Pressure washing Business start up kit

First of all, Before entering into this cleaning business you have complete equipment or kit that is used to make your jobs easy. 

The pressure washing business start up kit requires not more than 10 tools, most of these tools available at low cost, and their working is like routine home jobs.

So let’s get started with a pressure washing kit   

1. Most Powerful Pressure washer

The pressure washer is one of the important parts of this start up kit, it is the heart of this business and it should be most powerful.

The Simpson Powershot series designed commercial level pressure washers. The Simpson PowerShot PS4240 model that delivers 4200 PSI is the most powerful gas pressure washer and best suited for the Pressure washing business.

It is compatible with the Honda GX390 engine with an AAA triplex pump that delivers 4200 PSI output pressure with a flow rate of 4 GPM.

The total cleaning power of this commercial level pressure washer is 16800 cleaning units thats make it the most powerful gas pressure washer.

2. Extra long high pressure hose

The extra-long high-pressure hose is equally important when you clean buildings, driveways, siding, pools, stations, etc. the hose should be high pressure flexible & non-marring for easy coiled up.

The two hoses are required to start a pressure washing business one is 50 ft long and another is 100 ft long. 

The burst pressure of the hose should be 10000 PSI.

3. Nozzles

Nozzle required for adjusting high and low pressure. It connects in front of the gun.

Different nozzles are required for different cleaning jobs. The spray nozzles come in 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and 65° and soap nozzles for a variety of cleaning jobs.

Larger angles make a low-pressure washer while small angles create higher output pressure.

The working pressure of the nozzle should be 5000 PSI.

pressure washing business start up jit includes seven equipments

4. Sewer jetter kit

This kit includes a combination of the coupler, Sewer jet nozzle, high pressure hose, and a brass connector

5. Surface cleaner

Surface cleaner attached on a wand and spray water through a nozzle, the small nozzles are equipped in it that provides hassle-free surface cleaning. 

The surface cleaner is mainly used for cleaning flat surfaces like dirty driveways, stubborn stains, and oil and grease stains in the garage.

6. Lance

Two to three lances of different lengths are required to start a business. 3 ft lance and 4 ft lance is considered best which is tested on 5000 PSI pressure capacity. 

The long lance is helpful for cleaning vinyl siding.

Angle lance

Stainless steel angle lance is used in some places where straight lance will not enter properly and it is an important part of a pressure washer start up kit. 

7. Truck with water tanks

You need a truck with a water tank equipped with it because storage of water is necessary. The tank should be clean to avoid debris.

You have to pay more money to buy a truck so renting a commercial truck or van that integrates with pressure washing equipment is worth it.

This 7 equipment package is a must to start a pressure washing business. This equipment is also available on rent in the United States but if you’re planning for full-time business then it’s better you invest and buy this equipment. 

You have to invest $3500 to buy this pressure washing business start up kit except for the truck.

How much investment is required to start a pressure washing business?

There is no need to rent an office to start this business, you can run this business online or from home on phone calls or social media networks. Starting a pressure cleaning business from home or garage would be a perfect choice.

A commercial pressure washer price starts from $1000 to $10000, The Simpson PowerShot PS4240 gas pressure washer costs approx $1500  which is the best power washer to start a business.

Nozzle, hose, surface cleaner, Jet, etc buying costs is $1200 approximately

Renting a van or truck costs you $500 and its maintenance costs you $150 per month. You have to pay a down payment to rent a van.

Gasoline expenses to run a pressure washer is $300 per month.

Marketing & Advertising expenses $200 a month.

Tips: at the start of this business no need to buy a van because it takes a lot of money to buy and makes a burden on you. 

So renting a van monthly is quite beneficial, after the business makes four figures monthly then you can buy a second-hand van or truck.

The total Budget required to start a Pressure washing business is approximately $3500 to $5000.

What professional license is needed to start this pressure washing business?

The license and permits may differ from state and localities for pressure washing businesses.

First of all, you have to decide one from below to set up a business.

Registering a business before it starts is a mandatory process for every state.

Sole proprietorship

If you want to become a single owner of a business, then Sole proprietorship is best for you. You can use SSN (Social security Number) for tax purposes if you are a sole proprietor of your business.

The ITIN (individual taxpayer identification number) & SSN (Social security number) allows the IRS to identify and account for their business entities. 

IRS (internal revenue service) is the revenue service of the United States federal government which is responsible for tax registration.

ITIN & SSN ensures individual compliance with tax law in the United States.


The full form of LLC is a limited liability company, LLC is for the setup of a company that has more than one owner. 

The LLC regulations differ from state to state. The LLC owner is generally an employee of the company. 

You must have an EIN for the tracking of your business by the IRS.

S corporation

S corporations provide some tax advantages. It allows double taxation on corporate income. If you have an LLC then you have the option to shift to an S corporation. 

It requires more paperwork compared to LLCs.

S corporation requires

  • Not more than 100 shareholders
  • Having only one class of stock
  • being incorporated domestically 
  • Shareholder eligibility requirement: individual, certain trust, estates and may not be partnership, non resident shareholders

Contractor license

A contractor license of your area is also needed before starting a pressure washing business. You need to visit your local area government’s new startup office for more details.

Insurance liability and workman’s compensation bond for pressure washing services

Insurance is one of the needful parts of this business because pressure washing jobs are risky and there is a chance of damage to anything. Insurance provides financial protection and reimbursement against losses from insurance companies.

Insurance required for pressure washing business

1. General liability insurance

General liability insurance (GLI) provides protection against the risk of accidents like property damage or bodily injury that can happen to third parties.

This insurance is most important for the pressure washing business.

This insurance includes bodily injury, medical expenses, property damage, defense cost, personal advertising injury.

2. Equipment insurance

It is another essential insurance that covers damage, lost, and stolen of equipment.

3. Worker compensation insurance

It covers workers’ medical treatment, wage replacement benefits, vocational rehabilitation.

Demo Pressure washing business Plan in 7 steps

A business plan describes core business activity like vision & mission of business, goals, and objective of the business, and short-term and long-term goals. It should be present on paper so every employee of the business can read and update from it.

The business plan should be reminded every week in meetings and the Vision and mission of the company are available on the office wall for employees.

I have a pressure washing or cleaning business plan that helps you understand so you can make your own.

1. Mission & Vision 


We offer the best pressure washing services for the fresh environment and better health of the family.


To be the most successful and respected pressure washing company in………….. Your state.

2. Goals & objective: 

Short term goal 

In the first year, our company has to provide cleaning and washing service up to 1000 clients. The service includes the cleaning of home exteriors, gas stations, hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, lawns, garages, airports, railway stations, and bus stations, etc.

Long term Goal 

In the second year, service should be double the short-term goal.

3. Unique selling proposition or USP of Business 

USP For Home exteriors

The 10 percent discount provides for home exterior cleaning. (Home exterior cleaning can be done easily compared to others)

We deal in complete home cleaning packages, not per square feet rate and our charge is quite minimum.

USP for office and lawns

Our rate is lower than other cleaning services in our state. Quick cleaning on time is our policy.

4. Know Your Market and Competitor in Just 4 steps

Step 1: How many competitors are there?

Step 2: What service do they offer?

Step 3: How you can manipulate your customer in your favor:

Convince them you provide the best pressure washing service in your area, show them pictures and videos of your best cleaning works. Convince them with good marketing skills.

Step 4: Know your customers

  • What do they want?

I think they want the best cleaning service on time without any damage. Customer satisfaction is the first priority to take your business to the next level.

  • Put yourself in their mind and think about what would make them choose you each time and implement them.

5. Research the demand for Business

  • Find out the demand for Pressure washing and cleaning in your area before investing in it.
  • Demand should be more than service providers.

6. After research Set your Marketing Goal

Marketing is one of the most essential parts of any type of business. Nowadays various marketing options are available online and offline.

Online marketing

In online marketing, you can run ads on social media in your region and you have to pay only on Pay per click and per 1000 impressions of your ad. 

The online marketing of your pressure washing business can reach your business to the next level.

Online marketing can be done on various platforms such as follows:

  • Facebook Paid ads
  • Instagram paid ads
  • Youtube paid ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Email Marketing

Offline Marketing ideas

Advertisement your service on 

  • Business cards
  • Newspaper headline
  • Pamphlets
  • Hoarding Boards
  • Coupons

7. Take Action

Think positive and take action. Delivering Pressure washing service is profitable and has enough opportunities. Thousands of dollars can be made easily with the cleaning business.

Follow this Business plan and take action.

How Much should you charge for pressure washing service?

The service charge for pressure washing depends on the job because some high-pressure cleaning jobs require more time to clean while some jobs can be performed in very little time.

You can charge in a package or you can also charge per square feet cleaning area. Cleaning in a Package can make more money compared to square feet.

I’ll discuss per square feet that are easy to understand.

So let’s get start

Home Exterior Cleaning charges

Vinyl siding & Brick Siding$.15 – .$20 cents  per square feet
Concrete Driveway, patios, sidewalks$.15 – $.20 cents per square feet
Pools$.20 – $.25 cents per square feet
Garage (oil & grease stains)$.25 – $.30 cents per square feet
stairs$.20 – $25 cents per square feet

Bar & restaurants cleaning 

Open Concrete space$.15 – .$20 cents  Per square feet
Interior tile, concrete & corridore $.20 – $.25 cents Per square feet
Club Pools$.20 – $.25 cents Per square feet
Restaurant kitchen, Duct, fans and store$.25 – $.30 cents Per square feet
Restaurant Equipment$30 Each

Cars cleaning & detailing

Complete Car washing $30 per car
Exterior Car detailing $75 per car
Interior car detailing$40 per car
Complete car cleaning & detailing $150 per car


Gas stations $.25 – $.30 cents per square feet
Sanitization service $.15 Per square feet
Electrostatic disinfecting$.50 Per square feet
Water tank cleaning$2 per square feet

How many employees are required for starting a pressure washing business?

At the beginning of this business, two experienced employees are enough. In these two employees, one should be experienced that knows how to pressure wash properly with less time without damaging the property. He has a four-wheeler license and should know how to drive a truck or van.

The other employee would be the helper of an experienced employee. Once the clients increase then you can think about the expansion of employees.

Train your employee on how to behave with the clients, give them proper training for building long-term clients.

Give employee power for extra service to the customer and up to 10 percent discount.

Pros and cons of Pressure Washing Business

Every business has its own pros and cons. The pressure washing business has more pros compared to cons.

It is a service-providing business and I love the service provider business because the cash flow is fast in this business. No one does bargaining in that type of business.


  • Startup cost is less. You can start according to your budget from $2000 to $25000.
  • Less number of employees needed.
  • Income is more and there is no chance of loss in this pressure washing service.
  • Cash flow is fast
  • The demand for cleaning business is increasing more and more.
  • It is easy to understand this business and requires less skills.
  • Required no office. In the beginning it can start from home.


  • You have to pay taxes on your self-employment business.
  • Managing skillful employees is hard, they always ask for a raise salary.
  • Providing service takes time to perform.

Frequently asked Questions about Starting Pressure Washing Business

Q.1) is pressure washing a profitable business?

I’ll say a big yes. It is a highly profitable long-lasting business that requires little investment in the beginning and can make money by cleaning cars, home exteriors, bars & restaurants, gas stations, etc

Q.2) How much does it cost to start a pressure cleaning business?

You can start it from scratch. The renting facility in most of the states of the united states is available. Starting a business with a Renting pressure washing kit costs $1000,  if you start with your own kit then it will cost you $2000 – $2500. 

Q.3) how do pressure washers get clients?

You need online as well as offline marketing to get clients. Google Adwords is the best option for advertising according to your geological area and for that, you have to pay only on Pay per click and per thousand impressions.

Final words

Hope you get the solution to all your queries regarding How to start a pressure washing business? The business is quite easy and simple, no need for higher skills & education, you can learn cleaning while cleaning your home exteriors. It is a high-paying job and the best thing you need less investment to start. The Advantages of starting are more. 

The competitors in Pressure washing are less compared to others. Customer satisfaction in the pressure washing business can make long-time clients.

You can scale this business as much as you want. 

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