Karcher vs Greenworks Pressure Washer: which one is best?

karcher vs greenworks pressure washer

The Karcher and GreenWorks are the leading pressure washer brands that manufacture a quality pressure washer that solve all the cleaning problems and provide value to the user. 

There is always a big battle between Karcher vs GreenWorks pressure washer, the pressure washer of both brands have similar features and specifications that confuse the buyers which one to choose Karcher or GreenWorks pressure washer.  

Here in this post, You will find the comparison of these two brands on the basis of : 

  • pressure washer models
  • Features and specifications
  • Brand value of pressure washer
  • User-friendly design
  • User feedback
  • Which one is best for household cleaning

The Karcher manufactures both electric and gas pressure washers while GreenWorks only focuses on the electric.

Karcher vs GreenWorks pressure washer: Which brand is worth your money?

Well, it is tough for an editor to say which brand is best, better to compare their products and make the job easy.

Karcher is one of the oldest brands of pressure washers which was founded in 1950 and you can expect high performative pressure washers that run for a long time from Karcher pressure washers.

The maintenance of the Karcher electric pressure washer is zero, the customer feedback is very positive, I am one of them which are using a Karcher pressure washer. This brand always makes 5-star rating pressure washers, that’s the reason the price of Karcher pressure washers is always high.  

On the other hand, greenworks is the newer brand compared to karcher but it gives very tough competition to the karcher pressure washer. The greenworks pressure washer tool provides all useful features that should be available in a trustable pressure washer.

The greenworks tools were made robust from inside as well as from outside. It would be your good decision if you choose a greenworks pressure washer for your home.

Karcher pressure washer : ingenuity and innovative thinking

The Karcher brand spent a lot of time and money in the research and development of their pressure washers. Their pressure washer available worldwide, the price of Karcher pressure washer is a little bit higher compared to their rivals.

The Karcher K series is very successful and the models of this series are popular and give the best value for money.

1. Karcher K5 pressure washer

karcher and greenworks pressure washer comparison

This is one of the best pressure washers of Karcher brands till now, to make it premium it is designed heavy from inside as well as from outside. The K5 has very positive feedback from the user, 85% of users gave this pressure 4.5-star review.

The Karcher K5 is compatible with a water-cooled induction motor that delivers a fine 2000 PSI pressure at 1.4 GPM. The total cleaning power of this pressure washer is  2800 cleaning units.

You can perform any type of medium-duty home cleaning jobs with this pressure washer. 

This pressure washer comes with a 25 ft long high-pressure flexible hose, and a 35 ft long power cord. The best thing about a Karcher K5  is you don’t have to put the nozzle, again and again, just twist the adjustable wand to increase or decrease output pressure.

  • Compatible with durable N-core non-corrosive pump
  • Vario power spray wand to high or low pressure
  • Water-cooled induction motor
  • Have 2 years warranty
  • It has a plastic design

2. Karcher K1800 electric pressure washer

karcher or greenworks pressure washer which is best

K1800 is excellent build and design, this unique pressure washer has good features and specifications. The design of K1800 is built to be user-friendly, you don’t have to bend to move this pressure washer from one place to another.

This pressure washer delivers 1800 PSI at 1.2 GPM, the K1800 is the best electric pressure washer for car detailing and other medium-duty household cleaning jobs.

It comes with a 20 ft high-pressure flexible hose and 15°, turbo and soap nozzle for a variety of cleaning jobs for example 15° is best suited for cleaning cars and decks.

The extra feature included with the K1800 is a folding handle which takes very less storage space. It also includes an easy on-off footswitch system which is easy to access without bending. 

One large storage bucket bin is available to keep the hose, gun, and wand. The cleaner can also keep the necessary things in it.

Overall, the features of K1800 make it a portable and user-friendly pressure washer, if you are looking for a medium light-duty pressure washer for your home then K1800 may be best for you.

  • Excellent build and design
  • 3 years warranty
  • Compatible with easy on-off footswitch
  • It delivers outstanding performance
  • The hose is a little bit smaller than the others
  • The power consumption is more

GreenWorks Pressure washer: life get easier

In the last 3 to 4 years, this brand of pressure washer grabbed attention because the GreenWorks pressure washer ranges from $99 to $400. Everyone selects the GreenWorks pressure washer according to their financial budget. 

The GreenWorks brands focus on home and garden tools and make authentic products that are built heavily from inside and run for a long time.

The consumer review about GreenWorks pressure washers is excellent, that’s the reason their pressure washer is going viral in the United States.

1. GreenWorks GPW2200 Electric pressure washer

greenworks vs karcher pressure washer

The GPW2200 is the premium pressure washer of GreenWorks, the design of this pressure washer is quite impressive, it is a cart-mounted pressure washer, the whole machine is mounted on the cart that makes it a heavy and portable pressure washer.

The best thing about GPW2200 is that it is compatible with a 14 AMP brushless induction motor that makes it more powerful than other pressure washers, that’s the one reason it delivers 2200 PSI pressure at 2.3 GPM.

The total cleaning power of GPW2200 is 5060 cleaning units, which is very high, this pressure washer gives tough competition to gas pressure washers.

It comes with a 25 ft long flexible hose and 35 ft long power cord which is enough to move all-around your car. It also comes with a 5 quick-connect spray nozzle which are 15°, 25°, 40°, soap, and turbo nozzle for different types of high low-pressure jobs.

Overall, it would be a good deal if you choose these pressure washers because GPW2200 is capable of cleaning any type of home cleaning jobs. It is a five-star rating pressure washer with positive feedback. 

It is a value for money pressure washer. No doubt, if I say it is the most powerful electric pressure washer in this list.

  • PWMA certified pressure washer
  • Maximum cleaning power
  • 5 quick-connect spray nozzle for a variety of cleaning
  • Delivers outstanding performance
  • Cart mounted highly portable pressure washer
  • It takes more storage space

2. Greenworks GPW2005 electric pressure washer 

karcher and greenworks electric pressure washer

The GPW2005 is another top-class model of GreenWorks pressure washer, this pressure washer is known for its lightweight but delivers outstanding performance, this is the best electric pressure washer of GreenWorks and the customer feedback about this pressure washer is very positive.

If you have less storage space and looking to buy a GreenWorks pressure washer then GPW2005 is best suited for you. 

The GPW2005 has a 13 AMP universal type motor that forces the water out with a 2000 PSI at 1.2 GPM. The total cleaning power of this pressure washer is 2400 cleaning units. You can perform any medium-duty home cleaning jobs like cleaning car, patio, driveway, deck, garage, stubborn oil and grease stains, etc.

The hose length is 25 ft and nozzle accessories include 25°, 40°, and a turbo nozzle. This pressure washer looks beautiful and the extra features include a telescopic handle and hose reel for the easy wind-up of hose. 

Between Karcher and GreenWorks: which is better for home cleaning Jobs?

Both the brands are competitors of each other and their pressure washers have related to each other with a little bit of the same features and specification.

Either you choose a karcher or greenworks pressure washer, your cleaning problem will be solved easily because both the brands are authentic and design power packed pressure washers for long lasting. 

For home cleaning jobs, a medium-duty pressure washer is best.  as per me if you want to go with a Karcher then you should go with Karcher K5 and if you want to go with GreenWorks then GPW2200 is the best option.

Karcher and GreenWorks: who is the winner?

It is quite a tough job for an editor to say which brand is best because according to me the comparison should be based on the Model of each brand so we compared the features and specifications of both brands and gave our review. We did the same in this article.

As per me the product comparison of motor, output pressure, GPM, hose length, Portability, user-friendly design. I can say that the Greenworks GPW2200 is the winner of the comparison between Karcher vs GreenWorks pressure washer

FAQ section around GreenWorks vs Karcher pressure washer

Q.1) which is the best karcher pressure washer to buy?

Karcher K5 is one of the bestsellers electric pressure washer of Karcher this pressure washer has very positive feedback from the user’s side. It designed powerful from inside that deliver tremendous performance outside,

Q.2) Are karcher pressure washers made in china?

Karcher is not a small company its cleaning equipment manufacturing plant is available in the whole world including Germany, Brazil, Italy, Mexico united states, Romania, China, and their corporate offices are in every big country.

Q.3) Who makes GreenWorks washers?

Greenworks is the parent company of globe tools, their manufacturing unit is the same but corporate offices are different. The GreenWorks has set its feet in the United States and manufacturing home appliances on the basis of US person needs.

Final thoughts about karcher vs GreenWorks

Comparing two leading brands is not an easy job. To make it simple We choose the best products of both brands and did the job of comparing Karcher vs GreenWorks pressure washer. The battle is between Karcher K5 and GPW220 both are the bestseller electric pressure washers of each brand. The design and features of both pressure washers are different. Now the final decision should always be from the buyer’s end so select the pressure washer according to your housing needs.

If you have any queries in mind feel free to ask in the comment section.

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