Simpson MSH3125 VS PS3228: Which One is Best?

simpson pressure washer comparison

There is a big battle between MSH3125 Vs PS3228, the reason for the battle is that both are versatile gas pressure washers of Simpson brand. 

The Full form of MSH is Megashot while PS relates to Powershot. Both Megashot & Powershot series of Simpson are competitors of each other. Most of the Simpson pressure washers are sold from this series.

I am going to compare MSH3125 Vs PS3226 pressure washer on the basis of following points:

  • Key features and specifications of both pressure washer
  • Output pressure & Flow rate: PSI & GPM
  • Performance of pressure washer
  • Quick comparison by chart
  • Market value and customer feedback 

Simpson MSH3125 vs PS3228: Which is worth your money?

Simpson pressure washer sold by their name, the brand value of Simpson gas pressure washer is more than any other gas pressure washer in the world.

No one other brand makes pressure washers like Simpson pressure washers. That’s the reason I am comparing the same brand pressure washer. Both Simpson MSH3125 and PS3228 are the best pressure washers under $500.

I can say that this is the comparison of the Megashot vs Powershot series of Simpson pressure washers.

Simpson MSH3125 Megashot Gas Pressure washer

simpson msh3125 and ps3228

Simpson MSH3125 is the most versatile gas pressure washer that I like the most. It looks sturdy and delivers outstanding performance for a very long time. It is compatible with the GC190 premium honda engine that makes it different from other pressure washers. 

Actually, honda engines’ pressure washers run a long time compared to other engines. You will definitely love cleaning decks, cars, bikes, patios, vinyl siding, garages, driveways, oil and grease stains, or any other stubborn stains with a Simpson MSH3125 pressure washer.

This honda GC190 engine is compatible with OEM technology axial cam pump that forces the water out 3200 PSI pressure with the flow rate of 2.5 GPM. The total cleaning power of this MSH3125 is 8000 cleaning units.

With This PSI & GPM, you can clean up to 2 story vinyl siding. 3200 PSI pressure & 2.5 GPM flow rate gives faster cleaning and saves your time.

The MSH3125 is the bestseller gas pressure washer of the Simpson brand. This pressure washer is highly portable because it is placed on a heavy steel frame which is run by 10 inches pneumatic tires.

It comes with a 25 ft long nonmarring abrasion-resistant high-pressure hose. The nozzle accessories include 5 quick connect spray nozzles which are 0° 15° 25° 40° and a soap nozzle. 

The Simpson MSH3125 is a valuable pressure washer that is worth buying, investing money on this pressure washer is always worth it. This pressure washer gives effective cleaning performance and keeps your home neat & clean and provides a healthy environment around you through high-pressure cleaning.

Megashot MSH3125 Warranty

Engine warranty2 years
Pump warranty1 years
Frame warranty 5 years
Accessory warranty90 days

Simpson PS3228 Powershot gas pressure washer

simpson ps3228 vs msh3125

The PS3228 is more versatile and more powerful compared to MSH3125 pressure washer. This is a pro-level pressure washer that hits the stains powerfully and vanishes quickly.

This is the heavy-duty pressure washer of Simpson cleaning, heavy-duty means also at a higher price. It is equipped with a GX200 Honda engine that’s the only reason that makes it different from others. 

It is compatible with a AAA triplex pump that forces the water out with 3300 PSI pressure at the flow rate of 2.5 GPM. The total cleaning power of PowerShot PS3228 is 8250 cleaning units.

This durable gas pressure washer is the best gas pressure washer for cleaning cars because it provides the quickest & effective cleaning. 

The PowerShot PS3228 is constructed on a heavy steel frame and has 10-inch pneumatic tyres to shift the pressure washer from one place to another while cleaning. 

The nozzle accessories include 0° 15° 25° 40° and soap nozzle for a variety of high & low-pressure cleaning jobs. The total length of the high-pressure flexible hose is 25ft which is enough to move all around the car.

Overall, the PowerShot PS3228 is compatible with great features and specification that makes it best gas pressure washer, the price of this pressure is more than Megashot MSH3125 pressure washer. It has all the features that should be available in a quality pressure washer and the PS3228 may be your good pressure washer.

Powershot PS3228 Warranty

Engine warranty3 years
Pump warranty5 years
Frame warranty 10 years
Accessory warranty90 days

What makes Simpson MSH3125 So incredible?

Simpson MSH3125 is the best selling gas pressure washer of Simpson cleaning because it is available under budget that anyone can afford. The Megashot series pressure washers are popular compared to the PowerShot series.

This Simpson 3200 PSI pressure washer has a honda engine and OEM technology made axial cam pump that provides inner power and helps out the water faster for quicker cleaning.

The 8000 cleaning units are quite high for any type of cleaning, you can easily hit a 2 story house from the bottom. The powerful features like a steel frame, pneumatic tires, honda engine, and OEM technology pump make it an incredible gas pressure washer.

What makes Simpson PS3228 So great?

This pressure washer belongs to the PowerShot series, this series is popular but not more than the Simpson Megashot series. The PS3228 is a versatile gas pressure washer that gives value for money.

No doubt the product specification is higher compared to MSH3125. The PS3228 is the most valuable pressure washer of the PowerShot series. 

As per me, the AAA triplex pump makes the PS3228 great. This triplex piston pump is powerful compared to the axial cam pump.

What is the Difference between Simpson MSH3125 and PS3228?

To make it easy I highlighted the differences specification and non highlighted part are the same there is no difference in it.

By the help of this chart you can differentiate MSH3125 and PS3228 pressure washer.

Series MegashotPowershot 
Engine Honda GC190Honda GX200
Pump typeOEM technology Axial camAAA triplex pump
Output pressure (PSI)32003300
Flow rate (GPM)2.52.5
Cleaning units80008250
Wheels10 inches pneumatic10 inches pneumatic
Hose25 ft25 ft
Nozzle 0° 15° 25° 40° and soap0° 15° 25° 40° and soap
GunM22 connectionM22 connection
Wand QC spray lanceQC spray lance
Frame Welded steelWelded steel
Engine warranty2 year3 year
Pump warranty1 year5 years
Frame warranty5 year10 years
Accessories warranty90 days90 days

Simpson MSH3125 Vs PS3228: Who is the winner?

It is quite a tough job for an editor when you are comparing the two top gas pressure washers of the same brand but different series. Both are quality pressure washers and most of the specifications are the same.

PSI and GPM is the most important part of pressure washer and there is only a 100 PSI difference in MSH3125 and PS3228. The flow rate (GPM) of both the pressure washers are the same. 

The main difference in both the pressure washers is their pump, Powershot PS3228 has a triplex pump while the Megashot MSH3125 has an OEM technology axial cam pump. Triplex pumps are powerful compared to axial cam pumps.

To declare the winner I have checked the user feedback and review, I directly go to my neighbors who are using this MSH312 or PS3228 and as per their experience, I have found that the Simpson Megashot MSH312 is worth buying for long-lasting use.

The user experience is far better than everything. So the winner of this battle is Simpson megashot MSH312.

Final thoughts about Simpson PS3228 vs MSH3125

The PS3228 and MSH3125 have equal features, not so much difference in that. The only difference is their price.  The winning pressure washer between Simpson MSH3125 vs PS3228 is the Simpson Megashot MSH3125 pressure washer. 

The MSH3125 is the winner because of its powerful features and positive user feedback. All the users gave it a five-star rating that’s the reason it is the best seller gas pressure washer in the various marketplace.

Buying MSH3125 is always a worthwhile decision compared to PS3228.

If you have any queries in mind regarding pressure washer then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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