Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer: Why is it a Bestseller?

sun joe spx3000 electric pressure washer  is best pressure washer till date

There are hundreds of pressure washers available in the market but No one can match the level of Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer that’s the reason it is the best-selling electric pressure washer. 

you can buy sun joe SPX3000 without any doubt, it is versatile pressure washer available under budget and complete all home cleaning requirements.

The sun joe SPX3000 is perfect from all sides. It looks better, available under budget, the pressure and GPM it delivers are well, has great features and specifications that should be available in the best pressure washer. The customer review and feedback are quite well.

I am personally using Sun joe SPX3000 for the last couple of years. This pressure washer completes my all-home cleaning requirement. I use it hardly twice a week for cleaning my car, deck, and my driveways. I am satisfied with the Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure washer. If you are looking for a versatile electric pressure washer then you can choose sun joe SPX3000 without any doubt. 

The SPX3000 comes with a brass fitting that makes it better than others. Most of the electric pressure washer comes with a plastic fitting that creates water leakages after some time but sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer is far away from the leakage.

What Features and Specifications will you get in the Sun joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer?

Features play a major role and this sun joe product is compatible with all useful features that make it a versatile pressure washer. 

Pressure & Flow Rate:

PSI & GPM is the most important part of a pressure washer that shows how powerful the pressure washer is. PSI represents the pressure while GPM shows how much gallon water pressure washer forces out in a minute.

it delivers 2030 PSI & 1.76 GPM (gallon per minute). The total cleaning power of sun joe SPX3000 is 3572 cleaning units.

The SPX3000 is capable of cleaning cars, bikes, tough grimes, rust from steel, heavy dirt from patios, oil and grease stains, heavy stains, concrete driveways, etc.

Motor Capacity:

The motor is the heart of the electric pressure washer, all the working & output pressure of the pressure washer depends on how powerful the motor is. The SPX3000 is compatible with a 14.5 AMP motor. 

No other electric pressure washer provides a 14.5 AMP motor in the budget of Sun Joe SPX3000.

Hose Lengh:

SPX3000 comes with a 20 ft high-pressure flexible hose that is non-marring and kink resistant. The water filter is available in it to avoid any type of blockage. 

Power cord Length:

The power cord is 35 ft long and a GFCI plug is included in it to avoid any type of electric shock. The power cord is made up of heavy material.

Detergent tank:

It comes with a dual detergent tank, the total tank capacity of the detergent tank is 0.9 liters which is enough for residential-type pressure washers. The tank is removable for easy filling of detergent.

Nozzle Accesories:

The nozzle is generally used for adjusting the pressure requirement (High & low pressure), different jobs require different nozzles. The SPX3000 comes with all five nozzles for a variety of cleaning jobs. 

The quick connect nozzle accessories include 0° 15° 25° 40° and soap nozzle. 

TSS feature:

Not all pressure washers provide this feature. TSS feature (total stop system) shut off the pump when the gun trigger is not engaged. That actually saves electricity, I personally like this feature of sun joe SPX3000.

Sun joe SPX3000 Warranty:

It is a CSA certification-approved pressure washer. The Sun Joe SPX3000 has a one-year warranty. buyers can also extend the warranty.

It also comes with a 34-inch extension wand, needle cleanout tool, and garden hose adapter.

sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer is a versatile pressure washer

What accessories can you buy with Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure washer?

The accessories can make your job easy, there is a big range of ”sun joe pressure washer accessories” available. You can select it according to your need.

You have spent extra bucks to get these accessories.

Rotary wash Brush: it is a rotating brush for auto brushing and easy cleaning

Surface, deck, patio cleaner: it is a scrubber for flat surface cleaning that provides deep cleaning without any hassle and saves time too.

Turbo Nozzle: Turbo nozzle provides 50% faster cleaning performance than normal. 

Extra-long hose: It is an extra-long kink-resistant high-pressure flexible hose the total length is 25 ft

Foam cannon: Foam cannon is used for car detailing

What’s my review on Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric pressure washer?

I have read & written a lot about every type of pressure washer, my research is quite well on the pressure washer. Because I am using sun joe SPX3000 I can say a lot about this pressure washer. As per me, it is the best electric pressure washer for medium-high duty home cleaning jobs

I have found a lot of good things in this pressure washer. The best thing is that it delivers outstanding performance. The output pressure and GPM is enough for all home cleaning jobs. 

I have also seen the user feedback and Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer review all are very positive that forces us to buy this pressure washer.

Buying sun joe SPX3000 pressure will be a worthwhile decision.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Manual (PDF)

The operator Manual plays a very important role, users should know the general safety guide before operating the pressure washer. The sun Joe SPX3000 manual includes General safety, electrical safety, Product description, safety symbols, parts description, and how to assemble sun joe SPX3000 and run it properly. Nozzle using guides, Maintenance, and Sun Joe SPX3000 troubleshooting guides.

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Frequently asked questions about Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer?

Q.1) Are Sun Joe SPX3000 a good pressure washer?

Yes, sun Joe SPX3000 is the best electric pressure washer till date. It is a versatile pressure washer and a good performer for residential home cleaning jobs.

Q.2) is 2030 PSI good for cleaning vinyl siding?

Yes, you can clean single story vinyl siding with SPX3000 but for cleaning 2 story vinyl siding required a more powerful pressure washer. Sun Joe SPX3000 unable to clean 2 story vinyl siding. 

Q.3) Where can I find the Sun Joe SPX3000 at the best price?

If you are reading our post then no need to worry about the price, I have mentioned the world’s best marketplace Amazon link above for the best price.

Q.4) Can i use another foam cannon with sun joe SPX3000?

Yes, definitely you can use another foam cannon in SPX3000 for a better foam cleaning job.

Final words

If you want a medium-high duty electric pressure for your home then Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer is an awesome choice. It provides you the best value for money. Investing money in this pressure washer would be a great decision. 

Reviewing all the above features of these Snow joe product I have found that it is compatible with valuable features from the inside with all the accessories that make it a preferable option. buying this sun joe product is an all-win situation for you if you seeking a medium-high duty pressure washer.

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