Sun Joe SPX3000 Vs SPX4000: Which Is The Best Pressure washer?

Looking for the most comprehensive sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX4000 review? You’re in the right place.

If you want to clean your car and house Quickly without any hassle and also want to save your time and money then a pressure washer is the solution to all your worries. A pressure washer makes the cleaning Job fun. You love the cleaning Job once you have it.

If you’re confused between Sun Joe SPX3000 and Sun Joe SPX4000 and Which Pressure washer is best for you then This post is for You. If you are also looking for the best electric pressure washer that completes all your home cleaning requirements then This post is also for you.

The Review of Sun Joe SPX3000 and SPX4000 is based on:

  • Performance 
  • Durability
  • Portability
  • Features
  • Price
  • Rating
  • Feedback

Sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX4000: Which Pressure washer is worth Your money?

one of the best electric pressure washer in the world

Both the pressure washers belong to the same brand (Sun Joe). This brand is known for manufacturing the quality pressure washer for a long time. Sun Joe SPX3000 Is the best seller electric pressure washer of Sun Joe for the last two years. 

The affordable price with outstanding performance of Sun Joe SPX3000 makes versatile and best seller electric pressure washer in the pressure washer industry.

SPX4000 is another well-known pressure washer of sun Joe which is designed user friendly with some Extra features added in it.

The SPX4000 is mounted on the cart for better Portability and Extra 3 Features are added in it. On the other hand, SPX3000 is the base model and best model of Sun Joe. The Price of SPX3000 is $149 and SPX4000 Is $179.

Let’s have a look which electric pressure washer is best suited for you:

Overview of SPX3000 & SPX4000 

Sun joe SPX4000

Let us discuss step by step of  All the features and specifications of both the pressure washers.

Pressure & GPM

Both the pressure washer SPX3000 & SPX4000 deliver the Same 2030 PSI Maximum  Pressure at the Flow rate of 1.76 GPM. The 2030 PSI Is enough for all the medium-duty home cleaning Jobs. The total cleaning power of both Pressure washers is 3572 Units.

The Final output pressure is the most important part of a pressure washer. The higher the pressure, the more powerful the pressure washer is. 

The SPX3000 Runs on only one pressure for every cleaning job while the SPX4000 has loaded with feature Pressure select technology. Through this feature, you can run a pressure washer at low pressure 1450 PSI and High pressure 2030 PSI. This is one of the most promising features Given in the Upperclass models.

Two pressure setting technology is the most usable: the 1450 PSI is best Suited for the normal dirt, Foam cannon, and car washing, and 2030 PSI is best suited for oil and grease stains or other high pressure outdoor cleaning Jobs.

Motor & Pump

Motor Plays an important role in delivering final pressure because Motor drives Pump and Pump forces the water out. Both the SPX3000 & SPX4000 have the Same 1.45 AMP (1800 watt) universal type motor. 

Both models are compatible with Wobble-plate piston Pump. The Life of this Pump Is Expected 500 Hours by the sun Joe Brand but it runs more than that.


The available length of hose in SPX3000 and SPX4000 is 20 ft. This hose length is a little small compared to their Rival pressure washers. This high-pressure flexible hose is made through good material and it can coil up easily. 

The SPX3000 has No Hose reel 

The SPX4000 has Hose reel for the Easy coil up the hose after use. The Hose reel compatible pressure washer looks systematically and user friendly and easy to storage.

Power cord

The Power cord length in Sun Joe SPX3000 and SPX 4000 is 35 ft long. You can use the extension if you want the extra length. This power cord is integrated with GFCI Plug (Ground-fault circuit interrupter). This is the protection device that protects humans from Electric shocks. GFCI plug is a much-needed device in electric pressure washers.

Total Stop system

This is one of the promising features in an Electric pressure washer which is Energy efficient that actually saves the energy and automatically shut-off the pump when the gun trigger is not engaged. This is the best feature that prolongs pump Life. Both the pressure washers have laced with TSS features.


The SPX3000 has a very simple design like a normal pressure washer. It has the two medium sized wheels and short handle which provide ease in maneuverability. 

For the User convenience the SPX4000 is mounted on a Cart. The handle of the cart is at height that provides Easy maneuverability without bending back. The two Wheels and two legs makes better balancing compared to SPX3000.

Detergent Tank 

Detergent tank is much needed in a Good pressure washer because some tough stains require high pressure soap spray. 

The detergent tank size is different in both the pressure washer. The Sun Joe SPX4000 has a bigger detergent tank than the Sun Joe SPX3000.  

SPX4000 has a 54.1 oz (1.6 liter) while the SPX3000 has a 30.4 oz (0.9 liters). 


Both Pressure washers come with the same nozzle accessories. The 0° 15° 25° 40° and soap nozzle. The large-angle Size is for the low-pressure Jobs Like Foam cannon, Decks, Patios, Vinyl Siding Etc while the less angle size is used for the high pressure cleaning Jobs Windows, driveways, muddy bikes, outdoor surface, tough grimes, oil and grease stains or any other stubborn stains.


Both the pressure washers have different designs. According to me, I will prefer the user-friendly design, The Cart mounted pressure washers are easy to store and important from the user’s perspective. The SPX4000 has a better design, more stability, and easy storage when it is not in use as compared to the SPX3000. 

The SPX4000 has enough space to hang accessories, Power Cord After the use.

Sun Joe SPX3000 VS SPX4000: Comparison Chart

Start TypeElectricElectric
Motor (AMP)14.514.5
Maximum Pressure (PSI)20302030
Flow Rate (GPM)1.761.76
Hose (ft)2020
Hose Diameter1/41/4
Hose threadM22M22
Power cord (ft)3535
Pressure SettingNoYes
GFCI PlugYesYes 
Total Stop SystemYesYes
Hose ReelNoYes
Cart NoYes
Detergent Tank (L)0.91.5
Product weight (Lbs)3141.8
Water capabilityCold cold
Water inlet temperature (°F)104104
Water Inlet Pressure (MPa)0.70.7
Dimension (inches)15.60 x 13.50 x 33.90 21.2 x 19.33 x 36.64 
Warranty 2 Yr2 Yr
Customer Rating (Stars)4.54.4

What is the Difference between Sun Joe SPX3000 and SPX4000? 

As per the detailed Guide Overview and Comparison Chart. We knew that The inside machinery elements are the same in both the pressure washers. The performance, Noise level, Durability are the same in both sun joe SPX3000 and SPX4000, the only differences present in Design, Functionality, Ease of Use, and Price.

Both the pressure washers are of the Same brand and there is not too much difference in that So select according to your need. The dimension, Detergent tank, Pressure setting, weight of pressure washer is the difference you can see in the Bold letters at the comparison chart.

Between Sun Joe SPX3000 and SPX4000: Which is best for Car Detailing?

If you are looking for a pressure washer which is perfect in home cleaning as well as performs best in car detailing then you are thinking right. Both the jobs come under the medium-duty cleaning and a pressure washer that forces the water out with the pressure under 2000 PSI at 1.4 to 1.8 GPM is considered best for both Jobs.

Two Spray tip Nozzle used for car washing Jobs: First is high pressure 25° Nozzle to clean dirt and other contaminants from the car and after removing dirt you can do Foam cannon Job if you want to do Otherwise you can wash with 40° or Soap nozzle for best car cleaning. The SPX3000 & SPX4000 complete the car washing requirement and are considered the best electric pressure washer for cars.

Sun Joe SPX3000 or SPX4000: Who is the winner?

Both the Sun Joe SPX3000 and SPX4000 come under the Versatile Electric pressure washer. Both deliver outstanding Performance. Both the Pressure washers have all the right features that allow effective cleaning jobs and Keep your home clean.

There are so many pressure washers available in the market but they can’t beat the Sun Joe Pressure washer in Performance as well as in functionality. It is difficult for me to decide the winner because it has only a one-point difference in rating and both the Sun Joe SPX4000 & Sun Joe SPX3000 has very Positive customer Feedback.

If I have to choose one between these two then from point one rating I will declare the SPX4000 because it is packed with extra needy features and it’s better in design. Functionality and user friendly compared to SPX3000.

The SPX3000 is the People’s choice pressure washer. It is not less than anyone Else Electric pressure washer. It has the beautiful look and Loaded with all the needy features that should be available in an electric pressure washer and additionally it is available at affordable prices. All these things make it the bestseller and world’s best Electric pressure washer

Frequently Asked Questions around Sun Joe SPX3000 and SPX4000

Q.1) Are sun Joe Pressure washers Good?

All the sun Joe Pressure washers are CSA approved. CSA is a well recognized testing agency that’s why the CSA mark increases the authority of a pressure washer and also makes it a genuine Product. It is worth buying a sun Joe pressure washer. The Sun Joe SPX3000 Is the bestseller Pressure washer at amazon.

Q.2) What is a good psi for a pressure washer?

Generally, for the cleaning jobs Like Cars detailing, Muddy bikes, foam cannon, Vinyl Siding, outdoor surfaces, cleaning Patios, windows, tough grime and stains, oil and grease stains are the medium-duty cleaning jobs and for these Jobs 2000 PSI Pressure washer is considered best and the Jobs like Paint Stripping, Unpainted metals, Large areas. 

Q.3) Can I use disinfectants as a detergent in the Sun Joe SPX3000 and SPX4000  pressure washer?

Yes, you can Use disinfectants, Homemade detergent cleaner, Virucide, and other cleaning solutions with Your Pressure washer for Effective cleaning but do one thing In mind winterize your pressure washer properly after the use of the detergent solution for the prolonged life of your Electric pressure washer.

Final thoughts about Sun Joe SPX4000 Vs SPX3000

Thus, we came to conclude that both SPX3000 and SPX4000 are best suited for medium-duty home cleaning jobs because the internal assembly parts are the same as both the Pressure washers. 

Both the pressure washers are allrounder and deliver a great performance that provides effective cleaning and saves your time and money. The Sun Joe SPX3000 Vs SPX4000 review has been written for choosing the best electric pressure washer. 

So Now choose the one which is best suited for your utility and affordability. Which one do you think the best pressure washer among SPX3000 & SPX4000? DO share your thoughts in the comment Box.

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